Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I just got done working a VERY complicated and LAME case... and needed a break. UG. (vent time) I honestly love my job (it's like my life: family, food, friends, religon all in one buliding) But there are alot of REALLY pathetic People out there who don't need help but try to work the system all they can. Legally, all I can say is I think I came face to face with one of the worse this morning!!!!!!!!!! I deserve a couple minutes to Blog :)

I was checking my Email... I got this from a friend in the office... I can Idendify completely and got a good little chuckle.

None of that Sissy Crap
Are you tired of those sissy 'friendship' poems?
Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship.
You will see no cutesy little smiley faces on this card-
Just the stone cold truth of our great friendship.
1. When you are sad --I will jump on the person who made you sad like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.
3. When you smile -- I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in. (oh so true!)
4. When you're scared -- we will high tail it out of here.
5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!! (I love this one!!!)
6. When you are confused -- I will use little words.
7. When you are sick --Stay away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have.
8. When you fall -- I'll pick you up and dust you off--
After I laugh my butt off!!
(a true friend)
9. This is my oath...I pledge it to the end. 'Why?' you may ask -- because you are my FRIEND!
Friendship is like peeing your pants,
everyone can see it,
but only you can feel the true warmth.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Excuse me for almost not being able to contain myself... Drum roll please...
I'm going to NOrth Carolina/ DC!!! Right in time to see the president take office and for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! Of course the trip isn't until Jan 15th but I'm so excited!!! I think the excitement just may get me through he Christmas season.

I'm going to see one of my Bfffff's (lol), from back in the "before Alaska" days. She was one of those people that instantly told me my butt looked big and then we switched pants to solve the problem. I have been wanting to get out of Utah for some time, and am so excited to finally get out and see my Virgy.

Also, doesn't hurt that I get to be in DC during one of the most exciting times in history. I'm pretty sure I'll also be able to witness the Million Man March... (awesomeness).

Other than that, Just trekking along... My family was all here for thanksgiving and weeks before. Fun. I started Acutane, and will be moving in with roommates asap. (I get the joy of interviewing people to take my spot in my current apt this week). I'm trying to figure out whether to stay in my Current ward, or go to another... decisions.

Work Is crazier than ever. Like seriously crazy. I have a massage planed for every weekend (thank you to amazing benefits), and will be working extra hard at the GyM. (again thank you to awesome benefits). I think everyone could use a little help shaking off the stress of the seasons.

My parents left on Monday morning and I already Miss my mom.

OK so... I'm needing to go somewhere for Christmas. I was thinking of Vegas, or San Diego... some where to get away... Any ideas? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks would be a nice, reasonable get way for the break. I have 4 days vacation time I can use...

Love you all!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Another day in the life... let me just explain.

Wakey wake off to work, start cup one of hot coco (that's to Lamar my Momita at work I have Stephens mint!!!) I usually get in to the office to find messages from all my friends on my phone. Probably about 5 each morning. Each person on the other side of the message having their own emergencies to which I am the savior... (in their eyes).

After I address the messages and search all the programs working with the cases, I usually need another cup of coco. This time extra Chocolate. With my fresh cup of coco, I am ready to face my case load. I pull up my "alert" page. "Alerts" are the tasks that have to be completed to maintain my cases. They are auto- sent from out computer programs and are the things that have to be completed on my cases. At any time a state work has various pages of alerts, I at this point have 6 pages. These alerts could include anything from Reviews, to new Applications, and minor things like verifications that have been turned in.

Fast forward to lunch... about 1 pm or when ever I can get away from "changing lives." LUNCH. Juli is one of my Closest friends at work. Lunch with Juli is a MUST. She recently got a bag of Tamales and that has been our alimentation the last little while. (love them)

Then back to the office. By this time my shoes are long gone, and I have pulled a chair under my desk to put my feet up and I'm on cup 6 of coco... Don't forget the Im's along the way. Shawn is another of Cher's BFF in the DWS world. We Im like no other. My head Phones, with some great tunes are also necessary to my survival.

About 5:30 rolls around and I'm either finishing up case work, or way too far into case work to be able to leave. Hopefully, I'm heading home for the day with a brief run over to the GYM. (We heart curves.) Every day of the week I have some sort of Church activity going on. LITERALLY EVERY NIGHT. So the rush after the gym, to change and get to the activity, then I get to go home. Usually around 8:30 - 9 at night.

Seriously, that's life. Morning, everything starts all over. The weekend are usually packed with dates, or some sort of social gathering... like non stop. I also have been going to the Chiropractor every other Friday, and getting full body massages. I also have been going to the Dermatologist- I AM STARTING ACUTANE TODAY. I have pledged not to get prego, and done the blood testing... I'm ready to go.

So not that life to busy, of too difficult. Just that there is allot of stuff that needs to be done, it seems like it is ever part of the day I have things pulling at my time. ONE TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE, I AM DATING!!!! (A tone none the less). Life in Provo has been such an answer to many many prayers.

Busy, and stressed, torn between different things to do all the time, BUT DANG HAPPY. NOT only happy but becoming who I should be. Can't really complain about whats right.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love my life!

It was suck a good weekend.

Thursday, which equals Friday at Cheryl's job but so incredibly stressful that when Thursday night hit instead of the normal routine: gym, institute, movies with a guy in the ward... I sat on my couch. Just sat. No TV no food nothing. My sister Ceri and I were on the phone and I had to stop talking to her cause I was going to rip her head off for no reason at all...

With this being said... I was in direr need of a good weekend. I ended up starring at the ceiling until like 4 am that night... BLAH. Apparently some one needs better stress management skills.

So Friday rolls allot and I did the normal, run around shop for food, I cooked dinner for the next month and froze it all. I had made a few plans... for Halloween... BUT
Then the night after I had a really good blind date...
Then Church went well, and played fun games all night...
Now work... the week starts all over again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October- No way!

Happy Holidays... already? Seriously doesn't it seem like once Halloween comes everything else flys by! I remember "old" people saying that when I was growing up- and now I am on the other side of that saying. WEIRD.

So a couple things have gone down since the last writing... I'll spare all the uncanny details (really no one wants to know) But there were a few high lights I think could be enjoyed...

1) I got my first full body massage (and now get them regularly) and my first adjustment by a chiropractor... K so the day of I was hating life... (I didn't drink any water) but the day after I never felt better. massage therapist = so amazing direct ticket to Celestial kingdom.

2) I was kinda dating a guy: I really liked him... and he broke it off. So now I'm dating many... but Sad! I just want to settle down. The Irony. Before when i had missions to serve and degrees to get guys wanted to get serious... now that I'm ready (and have killer insurance) guys just want to play... (Alanis MOrset has it all right... "isn't it Ironic")

3) Holidays are coming up... which means lots of time with my family... Who I'm so grateful for... I just really don't fit in... I don't have kids, don't make bread, and I'm not going to lie allot of times feel like a total outsider. I've chalked it up as a part of life, but the holidays are always a hard time for me.

4) I've made Friends in my ward... and we HIKE. SO awesome! I forgot what was out there... Our latest and greatest location... HOT SPRINGS. We found some (I don't say where) with cascading water falls and varing degrees of water temperature. Amazing. Last weekend we went half way up Timp... But up the back side so the view was literally breath taking. At one point I was in tears. So Amazing.

5) I'm over a tutoring/esl program for my stake. Every Tuesday night a few valiant souls tutor the kids in the stake and there is an ESL class going on at the same time. Allot of the kids are Spanish speakers- I'm not going to lie... special spot in my corazon for those angels... I look forward to my Tuesday nights although some people in my ward aren't as passionate as I am... (everyone has there thing to be passionate about) but some times college kids are flaky.
Alright back to work... which is a whole other subject... All I can say is my opinion of the welfare system has done a 90 degree change- holy moses.
Have a good day!!! Love you all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I tag... Virgy Poo, Lins Wiiiintch, Christina "the Nail girl" Smith, Wendy Bertagnole, and LYnnn my Dear Sista.

Tag... Blog style.

My friend, Saundra,tagged me, so now I have to share 6 quirky things about myself.

1. If I could I would have one shampoo and conditioner for every day of the week labeled. I would also have different tooth brushes and paste for every day along with my closet organized by season and color and then my kitchen/ fridge organized either alphabetically or by dish. I TOTALLY have OCDC tendencies, but have been lucky enough to ID them and hopefully move in a healthier direction.

2. I can just stop feeling. It's the weirdest thing. If I decide to I can just be over something and move on. Allot of people ask me "aren't you mad" or what ever- no I seriously can just get over it- and move on. Some people are offended... I have had friends that have wronged me and I just move on. I don't feel the need for restitution, I can just say "that's you, this is me" and I'm fine never talking to someone again.

3. I basically call every one I know and love Hermana. Before my mission I called everyone "dude" But since my mission it's been Hermana. I like it cause it helps me remember we are all sisters and I get excited to think of my BFF's I get to be sisters with too... (you know who you are- shout out!)

4. I HATE t-shirts with the crew neck!!! It was probably one of the better days in my life when i found this out. They are so constrictive and closed in... I HATE THEM!!!! all of my t- shirts have the neck cut out and the sleeves cut to Cap length. I don't know why- but I can't stand them!

5. I am really bad at first impressions. I'm bad at giving them, and I'm bad at taking them. Usually I decide very early on that I don't "like" the person and I'm not going to be their friend... This has proven FALSE with all of my best friends- I hated them all... and vise versa... I usually decide I'm going to like a person and end up not getting along with them. This has proven time and time again with people I date, or girl I chose to go to lunch with from work. Usually the people I chose are so Bland and have very little spice to life... and then there are the people that just naturally we become best friends and they are heavenly sent! Either way- my first impressions are about 100% wrong.
6. I am probably one of the most intolerant/ inpatient people you have ever met. I know... all of you are thinking... "no way- she's awesome, she loves multi cultures and is great with kids" When it comes to people being "intolerant" "judgemental" or "rude" I'm so out of there, I have ZERO patience for people.
I'm a huge fan of capital punishment. 3 strikes your out... etc.
I don't want those people in my life so I'd rather not deal with it. Bullys are another one of those... People who have to Bully some one into something... I have such a strong tendency to do that, and hopefully I'm over coming it. I feel that because I struggle with it, I know it's possible to get over.
Life is too short to deal with that Crap.
So there you have it... MY 6 quarky things...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The weekend was Amazing!!!

For all that didn't know my dad, My bro in law Jerry and I went to Vegas for a conference on Taxes and Asset protection. Let me tell you- The conference was... interesting. I learned So much! Especially how all of us are paying Far too much in taxes, and that there are very simple things that we could do to avoid them.

We stayed with one of my long time Best Friends- Sole (my first daughter will be named that!) LOVE IT! She was one of my very first roomies at BYU and we instantly clicked. She was really quite and I was all over the place (imagine that) and we had some seriously awesome times. She is from Argentina and on top of being amazing her food is to die for too... Those are very good combinations!

Well... Her and her hubby (the chance a nator) have 2 babys that are so cute: itsy girl and tubbys. We played and the kids were so good. My dad put on grandpa hat and was all over that!

The first night we had Empanadas (from Argentina)... YUM!!! and watched funny movies all night... mostly SNL.

Then the next night we hit up a yummy stake house and Grubbed down. Ribs like no other!!! Chance let me and Sole go out so we hit up the town. I found some awesome finds at New York and Co. (my most recently found fav. store) and we went to some ghetto stores that were Very Vegas ish. Then we hit up the Strip... SO FUN! I love the energy on the strip!!! Not all the gross stuff, But I love the energy! All the fun things to see...

Then I wanted to gamble so we put a dollar in at her local casino. I didn't even realize I was done, I was trying to pull the lever down, and that was a no go. I have no Idea how people get addicted to that. BUT I did see a craps table in real life and poker table (my first time). Interesting.

Then Sunday Came and I was So tired (from the parties) and was ready to go home.

Over all it was a great visit. Dad was on his best behavior, and I actually enjoyed our time together.

Sole Custom makes Jewelry... and she hooked me up BIG TIME. I have 3 necklaces that are adorable. I will never buy jewels from anyone else again. (mark my words) She sales them to everyone... and has a blog... I'll get he sight and post it...

So now it's back to work... so I can go to St George to see one of my other Very Favorite People in the wide world... LINS! and My NIECES... Syd and Ambri!

Vive Las Vegas!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yet again...

So another week... working for the Government of Utah. The longer I work here the more I realize nothing shocks me...

I have been drinking Green smoothies every morning- about a quart of them. I've noticed a huge difference in my level of stress management, and health. I have so much more energy. If none of you know what green smoothies are- they are basically a combination of fruits (my fav is 2 bananas, 2 cups fresh pineapple, 2 apples and half a bag of spinach.- but you can use what ever you want) I was so proud I haven't had a soda in so long, yesterday I actually got sick off a Dr. Pepper. AWESOME!!!

So last week was our last week of all day everyday training. Now I'm still in training (and will be for the next 10 months) but at least I'm in my office and at my desk listening to music :). It's always stressful to learn as much as I feel like we need to, BUT it feels much better to have an office.

I had my niece (blythe) and my nephews (tucker, and Micah) for this past weekend. I am so grateful for there little spirits. We went to Bridal Veil falls and then to pizza and a movie (kong fu panda) and then we rented hours of vegi-tales (Lord of the Beans!!) We were up till all hours and had a blast... I seriously love those kids. It's hard to give them back... especially knowing I'm not going to have time for at least a month to see them again. BUG.

BIG NEWS** I have developed a Crush. Ok so I know thats not big, but the best part is that he's not the cutest guy but he is so nice and thinks the world of me for reasons that I think are awesome. He notices stuff like me sitting by lonely people at church, being early- I actually was so up front with him... I told him I was not interested if he was not interested in getting married, and I am not going to be playing games. Disclaimer: even if it doesn't work- at least I have a little faith restored and I know there are still guys out there... and that I have a chance at getting married and being happy... forever... with someone worthy... some thing I had given up on after the nasty B word.

I'm just happy.. moving right along... I got another calling. I am Employment and Education Co Chair for the ward. My ward does something so cool. Tues, wed and Thurs the family wards can bring there kids to the church and the singles tutor them. I have just inherited that program. My Chair is the Study Body Pres at UVU... so I'm a little nervous about that... he's very... whats the word... "popular" We'll see how it goes: I'm sure it will be perfect.

I just feel very protected and loved. I feel like I can breath and smile. It's a good life.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Really Quick- and not to be Sac-reglious

These are the things I noticed I have a testimony of... this last week especially!!!!
1. THE fair!!!!! I love it! I love the energy, I love the people, I love the freakishly huge vegetable's and the raunchy cow pen's.
2. The rodeo!!! Every one knows how harsh I can be on America, and some of the politics involved here. I love the rodeo! It's a classic American tradition that literally brings tears to my eyes. I love the idea of what America is all about and I love that I can be harsh and think the way I do... that's what makes us American and that's what I'm so grateful for!!!!
God Bless America!
3. Coconut Oil. My Sister introduced me to coconut oil. I was on all kinds of Acne medicine and spending all kinds of money on cremes and oral medicines, Dermatologist just to be upset that none were working. Coconut oil on my face has taken care of it all. I do it at morning and night... but it is AMAZING. Imagine that- Heavenly Father putting the solution on the earth so I can fix it my self.
4. Shower Curtains- because of my flood My shower curtain was ruined... I have been back in my apt and have not had one... I don't think we understand just how much a shower curtain does for us.... I am so grateful!
Just a few things I've found I adore...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Weekend- San Jorge (spanish accent)

Presenting... Tuacon!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wed Day One more day and the Week is over!

I'm so excited to be done with this week! I am just going to write a short little update about the apt and work and everything else...
1. I have an "assignment." - does everyone know that when you get an assignment in the church the bishop does not have to be the person to ask you... It was so Awkward, but a guy in my ward "called" me to the position.
2. I am not going to be back in my apt for at least another week!!! I have been so upset about it. I just need some where to live. I have been staying on the floor of the people that live up stairs and they are getting married on Friday... Which means I see allot of Kissing (gag!)
3. At work we had our first big assessment. I thought I did pretty well... 89 % of working at full capacity. (training takes a full yr and its only been 3 weeks).. so that's good.
4. I love that you can put music on our blogs. it has saved my life during the endless hours of study at work.
5. I asked Anna if she would do a musical number with me. I think it would be so cool if my sisters did it too... Well shall see.
6. Les Miserables is only 1 weekend away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I have become addicted to the show 24. How did I ever live with out it? I want to marry Jack.
PS. this post is Speel Checked... See anna I do love you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ahhh... the life!

Another day in the life of Cherylita.
I have been sleeping out in Saratoga Springs this week while I am waiting for my apt. to get fixed. I say sleeping because literally that's all I'm doing these days when I'm not at work or studying for work. We are finally over the anital parts of learning the computer basics and now are studying the law and policy... MY ONE TRUE LOVE! Application of law and sub sections and codes... LOVE IT!
So... My ward in Provo has been amazing! They helped me move and they sit by me at institute and different activities. It has been so awesome! I have been very well taken care of by my new ward familia. Last night this totally rock'n guy called and asked me to hang out! It was my first unofficial/ ward hang out (and he's totally a great guy) so I was jazzed! I went to bed (I'm hitting the hay around 8:30 these days) so I didn't get to go, BUT I was very excited he called. HOW NICE of them to remember me.
I'm going to out line my day just in case you guys wondered...
5:00 Wakey Wakey! Shower, smoothie making, dressed make up, scriptures, etc.
6:45 Out the Door!
7:00 The real fun starts Policy study!
9:30 am first 15 min break
9:15 More Policy!!!
11:00 Lunch
12:00 More Policy!
3:00 Go to job shadow/ case working!
6:00 off work
6:45 The gym
7:45 Home/ Dinner
8:15 talk for about 15 min
8:30 read a chp of twilight #4!!!
8:45-9:00 Sleepy Sleepy
(Start all over)
So if some one doesn't get a call or doesn't understand why I can't do something... Now you understand!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Party Utah Style!

My friend crystal works for the Church's Insurance/ Investing department. They had a company day at Lagoon, the tickets were 8 $. I took my niece Sky... I had alot of FUN (look at that face)

This Is Sky, Crystal, and Matt. Matt and I were close in Cedar City and he is leaving to dental school next week (I'm so excited For him...) So I hooked him and my other friends crystal up... Matt Said it's true love!!!
You can see Matt and Crystal in front of us on the little Air chair thing... (I don't know what it's calleD)
They were so funny... It worked and was a ton of fun... But as everyone knows I love Awkward situations-

Sky is SOSOSO cute...

I learned that I'm not 16 anymore and I'm very scared of rides. My body hurt so bad! Then while we were a lagoon I got a call that my APT FLOODED AGAIN (more pics to follow)!!! UG twice in one week!

Then after we took SKY home we we dancing at the SLC institute... SO FUN! I hadn't been dancing forever and remembered that I love it!

Sunday I hung out with my friend Erika Casamolwapa. She was one of my best friends in High School, she now has 3 kids and her husband is starting MEd School at the U. It was so fun to see her and spend the day with her!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hansome MR.

My sister in Law's Sister (Emily Waite) took this pic... It's my Brother and his wife anna... I think it's so HOT. Seriously one of the best pictures I've seen of him ever!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rainbow after the storm

So if any one knows anything about plumbing this picture should ring a bell of warning... Pipes should be connected to Valves... and if they aren't you get a Geyser.

So what is this you ask?

This is my bathroom sink!
***Which means... I have a flood.
Here's a view of the whole problem so you get a better idea... (isn't my sink SO cute!)

These would be the wholes in the wall that the clean up crew drilled in order to suck the water out of the wall... and that is all over the apt... my poor landlord... I was the first tenant after they revamp the apartment.

This is an example of how my possessions are kept in my lovely living room.

Other than the water...

Work is nuts... they have me training in Spanish... which is crazy... think of all the law and policy and then think of how many words you don't know in English and then change the language. And the put a time limit on the cases and like 4 advanced computer programs where you literally need a code or pass word for every screen. ITS CRAZY. The people around here keep saying it gets better... Shoulder to the wheel...

My ward is still amazing! I was so nervous, and dreading getting in another singles ward but it seriously is the best ever. My bishop went to Vietnam and always has some pretty colorful analogies on hand. I feel like it's a California ward, people are so friendly- the church is true again!!!


****Yesterday my Apt flooded! Like I don't have enough going on already! I walked in from working out after work and heard something... then I walked to the bathroom to literally find a geyser of water shooting out under the sink! I got hold of Jerry and learned how to turn off the water... I had a good 2 inch of water and it had seeped into the bedroom hall wall storage... basically everywhere...

so right as I am in the middle of the madness I see two girls out side my door and they inform me they are from the wards welcome committee. They wanted to get to know me (which i think is awesome) so I told them we'd have to reschedule (as I standing there completely soaking wet) So obviously they noticed something was up and got right on it... Before I knew it there were 10 people form my ward over and all my stuff was moved out of the apt and when my landlord got there we were ready for drying out. How awesome is that?

Some times I feel so alone in this world, especially in a new town, new job, new ward. It's easy to forget just how much Heavenly Father is involved in our everyday lives... I just keep saying to my self rain before the rainbow.

It's going to be 5 day before I can get back in the apt. They had to drill wholes in the walls and drain the walls of the water and dry out the whole structure which is the big hold up.

I'm staying with my house mate who lives up stairs from me. She's getting married in a couple weeks so she's all about asking temple questions and freaking out with stress too...

**In Spanish we say "Valle la paina" in English it translates to "value the pain" but the meaning is interpreted "endure to the end"... I think that translation is very telling... I'm grateful for the pain. I feel like my heavenly father knows exactly whats going on- life could be allot worse...

I'm grateful for the truth, it's times like these in my life when I can't imagine life with out it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thrilled to the BONE!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! In a couple weeks!!! My llife is going to be changed for ever!

So hot!
Happy Sunday! I'm not looking too shabby... I don't know what my lips are doing... But its cute... (Don't get too attached to the hair, I have a cut planned on friday!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

24th- Saratoga Springs style!

Happy Twenty Fourth! It was a party (wild style)

Tucker is so cute with JOe. Some little kid spilt water on Joe and Tucker almost Beat that kid down. they were happy looking for bug's in the rocks instead of eating dinner... Such BOYS!

Anna obviously is closer... but you can see our lovely Myah and Gracie (it was actually Myah's Birthday) Then there's Ceri and Jerry...

It was a BBQ in the Bishops back yard which was really cool looking over the LAke with really nice grass.
This Pic of Trent is random and probably won't ever be availible again. I'm sure Anna see's this view alot- I thought it was actually kinda cute.

The food was so GOOD. Then we had a nice round of neighborhood golf and Fireworks galore.

I'm grateful my family let me tag along...

more Pics on my phone...

JOsh thinks it's really funny to pull fun faces. Miranda found my phone...
JOsh and reandfy were actually really nice... they came down to SLC and helped me move!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bed Spread... and Gracie Ann...

GRACIE Ann!!! Has thrust, so it looks like she has been eating blueberries permantly.
Isn't she insanely CUTE.
This is the Bed Spread. Gold and sage green... on the other side the stripes are 2 inches thick, so I can chose either side... it's it Beautiful.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saundra Lamb AKA AWESOME Lamb

This is what i've decided the Top to look Like... BUT GOLD :) Like a sheer gold... I think Saundra was right I'm going to post my Bed spread... tomorrow probably. And I've decided my Sheets are going to be white and my Mom is going to embroder (Sp?) My anitials in Gold... Pretty.

I'm excited, it's so beautiful... I'm a grown up now!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday wants

BY the Way, my birthday is coming up....

Jack Johnson CD is a must have- mine is gone MUST BE REPLACED.
- Laren Hill
- Ricky Martin (spanish Only he sounds dumb in English)

Pillows... I never have enough and I have 4. I think like 10 will do.

Tickets to Les Mes. in Tuacon (St george)

OH****** I need help. I have a Canopy Bed and i can not figure out what to do with it as Far as the Canopy goes. I have a Sage Green and gold Bed spread and I was thinking Brick red Pillows but I have no Idea about the top of that bed... HELP.
Hahaha two week dash out of my place thats funny. It really turned into the 2 day dash. I am now a provo resident.

I love the place. It's great
Literally last week was the craziest- seems like they always are doesn't it?

Let me break it down for you...

Last Sunday:

being inspired by a co worker, I jump on Craigs list look up classifieds for people seeking people (if you've never done it and want to laugh your but off to it!) I actually responded to one- a 29 year old guy in provo and I think to my self... Man... living in provo would really suck. (like end of the world suck)

Monday morning:

I gett a response back from the Guy... it's a no go... good I wont have to spend time in provo. (whats worse than answering a personal? getting rejected by a guy on one) None of my deals from the previous week went through that were supost to so I don't have a paycheck. I need to get a job that pays.

Then I go to FHE and actually enjoy a ward activity. (the first one I've enjoyed: and of course it was a bunch of girls sitting around gossiping)


9 am: roll out of Bed (which is a matress ont he floor) and get to work... I wish I had a new job...

9:15am I call Erika- my best friend from High school years, and her husband is starting Med school at the U. She's up here with out him for a whole month. We schedule Dinner for tomorrow... I'm not really too excited... My experience has not been the best with friends from the past.

10 am: Zane at work asks me if I'm moving casue he'd love to live in my Apt

11am: I get a job offer to work for the state of Utah in the Welfare department spanish speaking and my start date is the 28th of July. I'll be working 5 days the first week and then only 4 days a week after that... Woot Woot.

12 am: I tell my Dad about an Idea i have to get investing in Real Estate started... He freaks out on me and i am Crushed. I know I will be successful and i know we could make alot of money... i sometimes think my dad is around the same people I am and he knows the little short cuts we teach at work- but he doesn't, so he's not happy with my explination. He wants a full report in an email...

1 pm: I talk to Todd my Supervisore (who is awesome and puts up with ALOT from me) and his duplex in provo is already full... I think- thats fine I'll drive in to provo from SLC... I've got time.
BUt I do list my aPT on my ward web site.

1:30 pm first call about the apt. comes. (AWESOME)

2:30 pm i send off the email to dad... no response.

5:30 Leave work to find 4 more calls about the apt and 3 emails... I all the sudden am feeling paniced to get out of that place.

6 pm first couple comes to see the apt.

7 pm another girl form the ward comes and see's it

9 pm I get a call from Todd and the person in his duplex backed out... he needs a renter and an answer Cause 250 other people want to live there too... I have until tomorrow at work to figure it out.

9:30 pm I go train with Jill. (Crystal is having issues in Accounting and has to stay to study)

10:30 pm Jill and I have yummy popcycles and I've decided to move into Todds Duplex.

3 am I am still rolling around in my bed freaking out about getting a renter for my place before I owe rent.

Wed MOrning

9 am I call my landlord and tell him that I'm a goner... and i have people looking. He tells me I'm still under contract and he is not going to bend over backwards for my situation. My problem, I need a solution. I haven't sleep so I'm emotional.

10am I tell Todd I'm moving into his place for sure. He's excited. He says it's his way to force me to keep in touch with him. i tell him he doesn't have to take my paycheck for that (rent- it ws funny and I am glad I'm staying at Todds house. He's a very stable and Caring guy- what a blessing)

11am Todd comes to my desk and says his wife feels like I HAVE to see the place first. I feel like it's a waste of a drive to provo.. I can be happy anywhere...

12 I cancel dinner with Erika cause Im going to PRovo to see the place. (thats ok I'm not so excited about seeing her ) HARSH

Day at work: Now that I know when I'm leaving I harras everyone at work and have the time of my life. The new guys is alot of fun to play with... He doesn't care either... he's new :)

6 pm I freak out becasue reality of oweing 1100$ to TOdd sets in and I freak out.

6:30 pm I put an add on Craigs list and KSL for teh Apt.
6:35 pm I get the first call about the apt and my phone does not stop ringing.

6:40 I get on the freeway to go to Provo to meet my Karen (todd's wife) and I realize I'm in down town- I went the wrong way.

7:30 I finally get to Provo, see the place talk to Karen, everything is great, I love the place and am kinda freaked out it's so big...

8 pm I get back to my place in SLC and Have apts to show the apt. A few guys call and I realize I up all my info on line. I have a freind come and sit with me so while the random guys come I can't get rapped.

8:30pm I feel like I am having a freaking open House so many people show.

9 pm I'm still getting Calls. Literally like 75 calls in 3 hours

10-12 crystal, her sister and i watch an x files... I'm so addicted now days- but I"m still on season one so don't tell me.

12 pm to 5 am I lay in bed freaking out still


8-9 am some one knocks on the door to see the apt. I'm so wasted. She likes it. I show like 4 other people, answer texts and rush to get ready for work

10 am I call my landlord down town and he tells me he is going to take his time finding a new tenant and I'm still responsible for rent (even thought there are 10 people offerring him cash)
I am so upset.

more people call, I try to work... Noithing I'm still just upset and double thinking my commentment to Provo.

I literally answer so many phone calls.

Pm; I show the place and everyone loves it. More cash offers to the landlord none excepted and I'm freaking out.

NO sleeping this night for Cheryl either.


9am I get a call from some girl saying she is signing the lease and wants to move in Saturday... as in tomorrow. SHIZ.

10 am I call my family members in a frantic mess to get everyone to help me move.

11am everyone confirms and I'm moving out tomorrow. TErri (my sis) is actually sleeping over (party) and Erika confirms our dinner plans.

12 am I call and tell Dad I'm sorry I was frusterated and that at any point he is not comfertable I understand. Dad gets on the phone with the Morgage Broker.

1pm I'm in LAla land... still havent slept actually working at work.

4:30 Dad calls back- he loves the Broker and we are offically looking at properties.

5 pm pay day! I get the pay check and deposit it... Forget the Atm Card and Drive off...
I realize it while I'm at the gas station trying to by gas cards for my moving helpers.

6pm I finally get to Erikas house and am thinking- I just want to get in and out.

6:30 It's SO good to see her!!! I MISS HER. She has 3 kids that are so cute... I totally wish i was still living in SLC Close to her. I invite her to my parents house (her kids are the same ages of my sisters and my sister would love her) PLUS we went to Indian Food (amazing) I'm so sad I am moving

9 pm I Call Teri and tell her she can head down.

920 teri arrives we jump in my Car and i realize I left my wallet at Erikas house. So we go to Erikas, then we get Breakfast food, a movie (fools gold-Aweful), and Spoon me Ice cream... To die for all natural Ice Cream.

12 pm Lights out... No sleeping though


8 am The alarm in my head goes off and I'm in the shower. The packing begins, Jerry shows up, josh shows up with Randy and the funis being had.

They struggle getting my couch out... what a pain in the butt!!!! I'm so over whelmed. Any one who knows me knows I'm a plan packer... I like to have everything perfectly organized.

12 pm we finally get around to cleaning which means the packing part is done.

2 pm All clean we are out of there... I droop the keys off to the Land lord and off we go to Provo.

2:30 Ceri and Mike Show up in Provo. The couch comes in no problem. Everything is great in provo. The apartment is cool with out Air conditioning and we set up my KING SIZE canopy BEd... I have a bed!!!!! My life is the best ever.

7 pm we finally are to the point where we all go to dinner (jerry went fishing- he deserved it!) Chinse. Mike tells people in the resturant we are dating... i freak out. The rest of the conversation I don't even remember... I was so tired.

Off I head to Ceri's to sleep. But I end up on the internet all night

1pm i take a show and literally PASS out in the yummy bed.


Teds Birthday Celebration, Myahs B-day celebration, and Ceri and Jerry's aniversary...
Which means I got endowed just before Ceris wedding... so It's 6 years I've been blessed.

I wake up totally at peace... The best nights rest. Pancakes and Hashbrowns await me.

Off to provo again... I feel useless with out folded clothes and a made bed, and hung pictures... so I take Myah and off we go for special time in Provo.

Then the whole family Comes again... for the PArty... FUN! everything goes great and the night ends with some killer games of Gin rummy and Farkel. (I get killed but don't care... after the week I had i'm happy to be alive)

So thats the story. With out other little details like Ted's truck breaking down as Jerry is driving it with Everything I OWn in side of it- I had to say good bye to my friends, I havne't changed my Address yet, and a few other details... I think all in all the moove went well. I am so grateful to my family who literally got my butt from point a to point B. I was so sad and overwhelmed and just not doing well... I needed them and I am glad I have family I can rely on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The one sure thing is every changing.

to every one...

I took the Job in Provo. I will be starting July 28th (Holy cow soon) So I'm officaly doing the 2 week dash to get out of my darling place in Down Town SLC, find a renter... I have signed papers on the new place in provo (retard) and am really excited about that (my fav. supervisor ever owns the duplex and said i have to live there so we are forced to keep in touch).

Although its provo... I thnk it's a great oppertunity to futher my self. I'll be working 4 days a week (sweet!) and can really focus on my studies!

I fill like I'm going to lose my mind for a little bit... So if there is any bads news just don't even call me for like 4 weeks.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So annoying...

You guys I can noot figure out how to add freinds... any one want to help?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth Unloaded!

The Adventures cont. Of course we did alot more for the 4th but these are just a few things...
Gracie and her Crazy Hair.

There's Ceri! (She would be very upset if she knew this pic was on my Blog... our little secret)

So then... Sky and Ambri fell asleep in front of the fireworks.


On Saturday I wanted to go to the lake... and I could not talk any adults to go with me so finally I hunted down a few kids to take with. I got Hayden, Micah, Jona, and Tucker and cher... the puppy to go with me... They were alot of fun.
The marina was full and they would not let anyone else drive in so we parked down the street and drug the little boat through the field... UG. But the water felt AWEOMSE and it was the first time to the lake that I didn't get sun burnt... (except for the little strip I missed with sun block) I'm growing up!
This is Joesph and Syd... So cute...

Even Cuter...

You can see how close myah was to the edge of the tent... They were packed in there!

The fourth of July PARTIES!

TUCK!!! and the new Pup Cher
SO I'm totally into adding pictures on my blog these days... you don't have to write as much. I got that picture of Tucker (my nephew) from my sister in laws blog... so cute...
So this picture of these silly girls are my friends/ running buddies/ ward friends. We were at a art festival and as you can see on Crystals Face- having alot of fun.
So once the fourth party started... my brother and his cute little family came up from california. Of course we had a sleep over... It was a party... (I don't advice sleep overs... nobody sleeps)

It was fun! myah, joseph, Sydney, and Ambri all stuck inot this tiny tent that Myah got for her birthday.

This is Sydney as sleeping beauty. So sweet.

Ambri as Snow white (I'm making up all these fun names as I go)

And there I am... my big head. as you can see my Acne medicine is not working... which means my dermatologist is going to be putting me on Acutane soon...