Friday, April 11, 2008

Long Time

Seriously the reason why I haven't logged in is because everytime I sit to get on the computer I think of 12 other things more productive and for the last month the the "good decissions" part of me has taken over.

So, now that I'm over that for a couple miniutes.

My nephew/ BFF josh made it to state- he's a thesbian and it was so good. If you ask me- they got the gold (I don't know what kind of awards they give to thesbians???)
So I got to do that for part of the day...

I got the best haircut and color of my life this week!!!

This is something I can make a habit- for my mental health (hum, right off for insurance preimptive purposes?) I am so impressed by my "hair attendant" that I would recomend 199% of people i know. (some people just don't make the cool hair cut classification.)

I needed a hair cute because I lost a bet at work and seriously I bet my pony tail. The bet was regaurding a basket ball team. My problem (looking at the situation now) is that I don't know word one about basket ball... I work in an office full of guys- even worse guys that make money and are CAUKY to the extreme. So I'm feeling the presure to be the cool girl- LAME. the truth is you never get out of high school.

i'm in the middle of chapter 2 of the new earth book. I LOVE IT.
I like his writing style, I like that I look at things with a different perspective.

I got a hot tools straightner... It is aweful. DON'T waste your money. After much research the "chi" really is the only way to go.

What a lame life I lead.