Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so doubles if you have facebook, but why not...

I don't know how I can have them, I have about 30 apples of my eye, and pretty soon I will have 2 twinner apples!!! I'm so THRILLED. This little girl is one of those apples... I just can't get over it. MY roommate will in the hospital. At this point I was actually feeling very happy, and man those drugs were awesome.
My first trip to Logan. I was converted. BEautiful.
Potty time, and why not a photo shoot?
Just out of surgery. So Hot!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures will be following!

Well, Needless to say life has been crazy. My grateful list goal was shot to heck. I think it’s been over a month, and I have ample excuses. Let me give you a few (I will go into more detail on each later in the post):

SURGERY. Surgery, and SURGERY.

Oh MY Hell life sucks after surgery. People say that, but the reality is IT REALLY REALLY sucks. They ended up doing a lot more than they thought they would have too, and I ended up taking 2 weeks off work not just the 1-week like I had hoped. (That just means no vacation time for a while).

Let me tell you details: they cut out my tonsils, and adenoids, then they cut back some of my nose (the actually bone), then re constructed the inside of my nose (20 stitches on the inside and casts holding it open) and then the kicker… they found a growth in the air passage way under my left eye so they drilled into my skull and cleaned it out. OUCH.

I was bruised from the drilling, and actually ended up throwing up blood in the hospital and ripped my incision making recovery really really hard. I could only sip on warm things, Coco and ramen was my life. It was awful.

On the other hand, my sister Teri was my mom in the hospital. She saved me. She went right into go mode and made sure my business was covered. She got pissed that after I threw up in the hospital, and 5 nurses were like looking around clueless as to what to do, she snapped them right out of it. Heaven sent Teri!

My roommate Malorie stayed the night with me and took me potty… I could not walk alone and she was so kind. We had 1 am photo shoots were it looks like we both went under the knife, what sympathy she has. I love her, and feel so grateful we live together (moving to Ogden really was an answered prayer wasn’t it?)

Then Ceri. Oh ceri. She put up with my post surgery care and she was AWESOME. Since I had never had anything medically done before I was so grateful to be some where with a sister who was so aware of the need.

My medication ran out, (God bless the makers of Lortab) but I went all weekend with out some before we hit up the doctor on Monday. Let me tell you, and apologize to those of you who received hate texts. I really am a nice person, just in A LOT of pain. Tons.
Anyway, I felt like an update may be needed… now that’s over with we can get to fun stuff right? Let us hope.
Let the Marriage games begin, and may the best man win!!!
(I’m still the same Cher)