Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brake Time...

They now gave us access to the internet at work. Maybe ya'll will get more regular updates of a day in the life.

Does anyone else think Day light Savings SUCKS? Who ever decides what time it is really needs to take a chill pill with changing it so much during the week. I'm not a fan of not knowing what time of day it is, and worse HAVING TO WAKE UP BEFORE 9 am. ug!!!

So I'm starting a pliates clase thats at 8.30 (AM!!!) in the avenues (close to where I live). Monday right after time change I was supost to get up and go but then the startilling 8.30 came and there was NO WAY I was getting out of my little bed.

Off I went to work at a killer 11:30 am (slacker), and I- innocent little cheryl- got a speeding ticket. I was so bratty at the officer- which is dumb because it's totally my fault. So my monday was just bad.

Luckily, I'm kicking behind at work and I'm going to Disney on ICE on thursday with my sweet little nieces... Maybe I'll meet my Prince :) lol (I hope my prince isn't at a disney on ice night... I've already been through the gay boyfreind thing- no fun)

A few people at my work have run into those life trials that we all go through, and so I decided to make some cards- my new "thing" right? I took them to work for every one to sign and was asked a couple times if #1 I have a business or would sell cards, and #2 if I'm looking for any business partners to start a business. I just giggled... but deffinatly sparked some ideas (not going to lie).

Making cards is my out let to have fun and make people smile... I love to see some one's face when they think there cards are cute... Lame i know, but a simple pleasure in life.

oh!!! this is funny... I went into Wells Fargo this morning to close my checking account. It's been my account since the begining of time... and I've found credit unions to invest savings in and other insitutions... my savings is at a rapid 5%... which i know barely covers inflation, but its a good start...

So I went to cancel my Fargo account and the lady offered me a steller 0.01%. I seriously started laughing. So then she turns to her computer and starts typing away and comes back and offers me a even better 0.2%. She won, I kept 10 dollars in the account just for her good effort...