Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look but no touchy...

This is Him, in all his glory. My main squeeze and a dang cute little girl. He still gives me chills when we kiss: I've got it bad for this one. Heaven sent my Derrek!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The life...

So I love these emails. I more wanted to put them on a blog so I would have record of them. What are they you ask? Well, Joshy my dear nephew, got a package from his Aunty. This is his response to the package. It made me giggle, and in fact it was a reminder that he's still Joshy... and rock star at that.

"loved it all. I acted out a nephite lamanite battle for comp study with the army men.
I got all three elders with the whoopy cushion. I'm wearing the shorts and shirt. I shot the noise balloons at the other companions last night after lights out and made them scream like girls. Great package. Thank you. Plus I have eaten a few of the ramen packages and plan to eat one in an hour.

I do like the ties alot. Elder Good actually made fun of the pink tie. and then i pulled out my other 7 pink ties and he felt kinda lame. he's all "ohhh.... your one of those pink dudes" like it was supposed to be an insult. I'm like "yeah man, that is where it is at and don't you forget it."

Isn't that great? I love it. The next best thing would be getting pictures... Something is wrong with Boy missionaries. We get like NO pictures. LAME.


This last weekend was the extended Butler Family reunion. The Butlers (William Ray) was in charge of the reunion this year. It's been fun for me to get re-acquainted with the cousins that I never knew. Interesting to say the least. There are pictures on Face book of the activity, so super fun. Derrek's family had baptisms that day so I didn't think he'd be able to make it since the baptisms were in South Jordan and the reunion in Spring Lake.

HOWEVER, I was sitting talking to my mom, and I see this car the kids are nailing with water balloons. I was making fun of it, then I realize it's my boyfriend. He drove right in the middle of a hornets nest of water balloons. Pretty fun, and awesome surprise. Again, how did I get so lucky?

MY FAmily ROCks. I was reminded of this. Derrek and I had so much to do. Friday I went and picked him up from work so we could get his Drivers license, after that we hit up the bank before the weekend, then I got a text mom and dad, ted and mike were all meeting for dinner. So we met up for dinner. Derrek and I had gotten horribly sick from that buffet before so we watched while others ate. Mom and Dad ran into old family friends- the Dennis's- they lived in Bakersfield long ago, and are now living in Kaysville, ut. They sat and ate dinner- fun to see my parents excited to see old Friends and fun to hear the stories.

After dinner Derrek and I got him packed up, and also grabbed all the stuff we needed and headed out to my parents house. We got out there at 10 pm (holy) and ended up with alot to do. Mike and my dad was All over it.

Mike and dad made Pink and blue rice crispy treats, I topped them off with sprinkles, Derrek helped with the Butler Reunion Sign, and helped me glue the huge pictures of the ansectors on poster boards for different games I wanted to do like- pin the hair on the ancestor.

After all the hard work, we Heated up some poppers, chips and dip and we played our selves some Farkle Until about 1 am.

Gosh Dang how on earth did I get so dang LUCKY.


#1 Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm very grateful for the sugar free drink so I can partake with out worrying about the Yeast issues.

#2 Aloe. Thank you Earth. Between tanning, and Kayaking Aloe= Awesome.

#3 Food coloring. We got some for the rice crispy treats Derrek needed for the baptism. So of course we had green lemon bars, and I'm so excited about the colorful opportunities that maybe at hand.

#4 Wipe off markers. In our house we use the white board wipe off markers to write notes for each other. The mirrors work perfectly. It's always fun to find notes in the rest room mirrors, etc. I love me My MAL.

#5 Red Box. How's that for easy and cheap when it comes to date night? Saturday night we enjoyed 2 movies for 2 dollars. Shout OUT. Can't compare when the theatre tickets are like 17.50$ for the 2 of us. Screw that! "lets just wait for reb box"

Life= awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Life is good!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Doesn't happen very often, so are you ready? I'm bored at work. Can you believe it?

One more day of the week, one more...

Lets start with graditude.

#1 My fun/ cute new under shirts with lace on the bottom. I love love them.

#2 My date night with Zach!!! I got to buy the books I've been wanting to read. They are laced with all kinds of war stories, and tragitys, BUT always triumph.

#3 Flat shoes. Comfy! Perfect for work.

#4 Toe nail polish. Fun! I didn't wear it for a couple weeks... took a "break" and when I put it back on I realized how much I love it.

#5 Mal's trash. She was going to throw out like 2 bags of clothes. Turns out some of them totally work as work clothes ( I truly don't care what I look like at work but they are cute)