Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All time high

3 posts in one day? Hold on to your panties cause it's true!

One last thought... ME little ol Cheryl, is at a record high for stalkers from the work place... Hey not everyone can do it... I guess the tanning is doing it's job...

On my way.

So I was on my way to the doctor feeling so anxious and yuck about scheduling surgery... and I saw some really cool things...
1) A man painting the window for valentines. LOVE IT. I thought for a second... "people still paint windows?" and yeah they do. It made me feel warm inside for some reason.
2) I looked over while I was driving and saw a really old guy driving his car picking his nose. I again got warm inside. He had this friendly glow to him, and I thought to my self "I bet he's someones really cute old grandpa" My grandpa (my mom's step dad) and I were close (through letters and summer visits) (in fact he was the only person that consistanly wrote to me on my mission- pretty good for an atheist) we still hold hands when i get to see him, but I've always wanted grand parents. I don't really have any memories with any other grandparents. Some times I feel cheated out of the wisdom or love grand parents can offer, However, I just try to love my nieces and nephews that much more...
3) Of all the patients in the doctors office, mine was the only CD their computers could not scan. why? Well that's because My name is Cheryl Butler, and we really needed the test results. So, Cheryl is getting surgery done based off what the Radiologist says... and what the doctor can see.
4) The description of what my doctor says he's doing to me. Snot, and infection, and blood. mean while I'm tearing up and once in my car burst out crying. Do they not know that I have never had anything medically done to me and I'm freaked out of my mind... Seriously people. When you see a 28 yr old woman tearing up because of what your saying maybe something isn't exactly right...
5) the fact that if i wanted something cosmetically done to my nose, I could do it now. He asked me if I wanted anything cosmetically done... I responded "I like my nose" but now am second thinking it. Maybe a little bit here and there... Hummm... the seed is planted.

A day late... thats ok.

So I've missed a day of Blogging, so much I can tell.
I had training this morning for Federal Job positions and can i just tell you, I'm super excited to be able to help people with the information I have. Not that I can give them preferred services, but that I now have great information that can really help people. I love being able to share my education I have been blessed with.

I started the HCG diet again, I am so proud, I went to burger King with a co worker and held strong, then crispy Creme Donuts, Plainly put, I AM AWESOME.

OK already my grateful list:

1) People who get to business. Don't really care about your family and kids, I'm not going to ever meet you again. Tell me what I need to know and let me get back to work. Thanks.
2) Ear muffs- so I can rock out at my own leisure
3) Acutane. I got one zit, It made me so so grateful for the treatment I went through. It was aweful but my face thanks me daily. I love you acutane.
4) the bigger band aids. I have been using smaller ones for my nail that is falling on and they simply... SUCK.
5) Salt. With out it I could not make it on the HCG thing.

Making up for yesterday...

6) Lemons. I love the lemonade made with stevia for the diet. LOVE it and usually have it when I'm not on the diet.
7) Work cars. I just think it's cool not to have to take my own when on assignments.
8) FHE. Even though Mondays are exhausting and I am so so tired, FHE is always a source of entertainment, and laughter. Life would not be good with out my Boys... Adopted nephews. (shout out Jack- I know you read this, Busted as of last night)
9) I finally took my Christmas decorations down. Maybe one day I'll get to Putting them away... Time for VALENTINES decor... Hearts everywhere!
10) I have a quote on my computer screen that states "never judge until you understand, and when you understand you will never judge." I'm grateful I put that up. I can see my guarded customers read that and the wall usually melts away. I'm grateful that I don't judge them, Its like one of my hidden talents and I'm not sure where I got it from. I can come face to face with literally a murder and treat him with respect, or a prostitute, or... what ever else.
I'm grateful for that. I think being able to not judged some one has given me allot of learning opportunities in life. ALLOT.

Happy are we!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am much happier today. Thank you to everyone that has helped me with my getting through surgery stages. I'm not really at grips with it, but I am working past the thought that the Doctor may not abuse me while I'm out, and all my other wierd issues I obviously have. I think I will have more anxiety when it gets closer to the date, however right now I'm at grips with it.

I am in the process of planing my paretns retirment party. I'm feeling a little Like it's an uphill climb, but I'm also feeling very organized and prepared. Step one is complete: We have a location, date and time. The chapel is reserved. That simple fact has solved so many of my concerns.

Feburary 26th from 7-9 pm. IT IS ON!

Ok so grateful List...

1) The wet snow... it's easy to scrap off...
2) My big red boots, they keep my pants dry!!!
3) Shoe designers that put about an inch heel on my super cute boots.
4) MY SILVER EARING/ miracles. I found my lost earring!
5) clear band Aids. I love them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So my news isn't as big as Other peoples...

But I'm having Surgery!

Mind you... I have never been in a hospital and never want to be in one. Medical stuff freaks me out big time. I'm getting my tonsils out, and Having my sinus's done... what ever they do to sinus's. It's about a 3 day hospital stay and 10 day recovery. I'M FREAKING OUT INSIDE.

So before I say anything else and start crying again, let me complete my Gratitude list.

1) Sparkly lip stuff. It tastes good.
2) Green, I look good in it.
3) Tanning beds, Gets rid of my stress in a natural way.
4) California oranges.
5) Body spray. I'd stink if we didn't have it...

I'm obviously not very happy, I'll go before my poison spills out...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So here are some Pictures of our work breakfast. My team... basically my second family... I am serious about loving this camera... where has it been my whole life?

So This weekend was full of Fun times... Yet again. Life is so great. This would be 2 of my buddies playing boy band... We laugh so dang much and then end up on Mal's bed laughing some more. We always end up doing something crazy...

My Boy David came for a night this weekend. I let him drive my car... He did great!

And then we saw Brigg at a wrestling thing...

After the Dash Board Confessionals concert we went back to my place and played games, danced, laughed more...
We traveled from a far to see Brigg at his tournament. I AM SO GLAD THESE WARRIORS are in my FOREVER family. Such examples to me. Side note: I was feeling very emotional feelings about having David close by. I didn't realize how much I missed having Becky's Kids so close. I wanted to hug him non stop (I didn't do it) but I'm so grateful I get to spend Auntie time with him. I'm not sure he knows just how Deep the love for him is, so I'm excited to be able to show him... he is Cherished in ways he doesn't know.

I also got to go to the JAZZ game... You may have heard about it... it was one of the most awesome games I've ever ever been too!!! That would be Shaq on the floor chill'n out.

AND WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY a 3 point shot at .01 seconds left... HOLY AWESOME.

OK there are many more pictures... If you look on face book I've added some there too. Long story short I need a weekend to recover from the weekend... It's a great problem to have.
Now time for Grateful list:

1) I am so grateful for... my feather pillow top bed. It's actually my sister Ceri's. I LOVE IT. I am so so grateful for it. So grateful.
2) Fresh Pineapple! Yum. I love the juicy ones that squirt out every where when you bite it... I think that's pretty much universal. MY sister Teri is allergic to fresh fruit, I feel for her, I'm pretty sure there isn't much better in life then Fresh fruit.
3) Dishwasher Soap. this week we ran out of it... It was my fault, my turn to replace it and just kept forgetting... WELL... I washed all the dishes By hand... The whole all of our dishes...WOWWY. I enjoyed it, I was in one of those rare and random "dish washing" moods... MY roommate was baking, I love it. I do dishes she bakes and we turn up the music. This day we listened to "go put your record on, play me your favorite song..." repeatedly for HOURS. One of the best days ever. PS. I didn't even eat the treats she made, I just like the smells and the fun singing and talking...
4) I love that I heart hand outs when I teach Relief Society. This weeks is... "Don't be a dum Dum (sucker) prepare for the future though work and Learning, It will be a (life saver) in though times. " I'm teaching Uchtdorf's talk " principles for any economy. CUTE. Also I had a seminary teacher that always and a quote box... each lesson she taught she had cut out quotes from the lesson so we couple have paste in quotes. I have adopted this and am so GLAD I had her as a teacher. I think it adds so much to the lesson for people to be able to take it with them.
5) Neosporin. Just plan old fashion gunk. I grabbed the stuff to go this morning and I HATE IT. It's a big Runny mess all over my hand... Whats wring with a tube? Are we really getting that lazy? PS. finger nail update... it's for sure coming off... TEAR. I soon will be a 9 nailed freak.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mission letters

I am doing so good at doing this every day!

So I'm not grumpy today, I'm actually happy and excited... Why? Well... Life is good.

Things I'm happy about?

1) Yummy Apple Juice. If your my sister Lyn you better not drink it... :) LOL
2) "Special jobs" I was asked to be one of 2 employees that are getting sent to Hill air Force base for special federal job search qualifications and training. I will be responsible for training my office. Might seem small to you, however, it's big to me. It means my Regional Director thinks I can hang... NeWS TO RANDY, I can hang, and I'm going to be the best federal trainer there is. Period.
3) Rolling Ink pens. The like gel one's that write so pretty and roll with great ease.
4) Funny twin things. My sister found shirts that say "I was planned but my brother wasn't" I laugh all the time over that.

5) Drum roll please... MISSIONARY LETTERS. I LOVE THEM. I'm talking about writing them. I love writing my Elders letters. I get so excited knowing that letter is going to make their days. I'm so STOKED to get them in the mail Knowing the next little hands that open that envelope our my Boys. Can't get over it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Any one out there...

So I'm grumpy today... that means i have to come up with 10 grateful items.

1) band aids... my nasty nail has started bleeding. Purple thick blood cause it has stored under my nail for so long... GROSS.
2) the button on my desk that my last super gave me "I am the future of America. Be afraid. Be very Afraid" I Love that she thought I was awesome... Confidence boost.
3) Text messaging. My roommate and I had a room full of Friends over last night and were able to carry on a whole conversation with out any one really knowing what was going on.
4) Color printers... I have saved tons by printing off pictures in place of actually buying them at the store.
5) My Spanish language. I can do things... Awesome things because of it.
6) Christmas cards. I still have them on my desk. Little bundles of love.
7) Pandora and ear phones. I tune out and just grove allot of the day (when I'm not with a customer or working info desk).
8) business cards, IT really sucks to have to write out all your info. I ran out this week so I'm especially grateful.
9) Good hair straighting stuff. (makes all the difference)
10) my blue eyes. I Love them. weird, i know... But I LOVE them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sticking to it!

MOM and her sewing room! (Thats my qupte in the back there... "everything is difficult until it becomes easy" Lifes theme no?)
Flowers in yard back home... This is christmas break Mind you.
More plants back home in CAli. and my buddy Jack (who is a recent fav).

Gracie and Jake at the Family Party- Look at that girls Hair!!!

Jake is so happy! (And Sky is so dang cute with him)

Long lost cousins!

Cheryl and Gracie girl... Of course we are eating! and in Josh's Hoodie!

David and Aunt Cheryl Look at that hottie! David is AWeSOME.

Malorie and only the best Chicken in the state of Utah...


Morning after New Years! Chinese!

Couldn't help but post this one! This is my girl Shelli at about 3 am on new years.

New years Dance! PARTY

Me and my sister on New years!

It's Snowing, ALOT.

The girls on New years.

The air Port In bakersfeild... The only way to go!

Christmas Break in Cali... Ready for church...

Amanda and Cheryl... BFF's since kindergarden!!! We actually Came out with the same out fit on down tot he same earrings... Yeah it's true. It was like that in the past and we are still conectted at the brain.

Baby Brett!!! SO dang Cute! Yes thats me with No make up!
Dad and His oranges... I think this is a GReaT Picture!

the Kids and the Garden... with grandpa.
See I'm working really hard at being "grateful"

1) I'm grateful for... Bobby Pins! can you imagine life with out them? We would all look poligamist!
2) Quarters. Good idea. can you imagine the line for soda machines if we had to use pennies... oh dear.

3) Post it's. I have them all over my desk with dr's apt's and random things on them. Every week I "weed them out" and realize I probably use far too many...

4) Stickers... just little spouts of joy randomly placed...
5) Sweater/ shirts. Cozy and comfy. Perfect for a 10 degree morning... Burrr...

Monday, January 11, 2010

My new goal..

obviously I'm not good at blogging, so I've decided to incorprate my new goals into my blog... Hopefully my goals last longer than last years. I've made this a gratitude Blog. Let me explain, in High School I found that life could be really hard, So I started writing 5 things (not primary answers) that I was really grateful for. It worked and most of the time put alot of things into perspestive for me. I am not struggling, and I'm actually really happy right now, But it's fun...

Lets start off:

1) I am so grateful for my new tooth brush. It's an electric and I love it! I look forward to brushing my teeth now, I have my purple tooth brush and sparkly purple paste... OH the Joy!
2) silver ear rings/ ring. I got them from a co worker/ friend and they are from Mexico. I was talking to my brother over Christmas about his mission and he was talking about a city where everything is literally Silver. I smiled to my self, Yes I have ear rings from that little tiny city in Mexico and every morning I think of the people I love and adore.
3) I love love my little car. It came with a 10 inch sub wolfer, and I didn't know it at the time but blasting the music in my little car is a dream. I love it.
4) HOT Coco! I single handily keep this industry in business. Love it and literally couldn't live with out it.
5) Liquid eye liner. I didn't find this stuff till this year and I love it.

OK so quick recap: Christ mas was Perfect this year. I stayed the night in LA on Christmas eve after my plane was delayed from SLC. I ended up meeting a girl that was 33 lived in my parents ward in Bakersfield who was delayed too. We stayed in Executive Suits in the Winston Hotel down town LA. It was beautiful, I got all our food comp'ed and life was good. I flew into Bak's and went to the ranch with my Dad where my mom, Troy Amy, and their kids were. It was the perfect setting, perfect kids, perfect food, and awesome company. Very chill.
The ranch was alot of fun highlights: the deer getting so close we hit them with snow balls- that's right my brother in the stake High council hitting deer with snow balls, he's still a Butler.
I got to hang out with my parents back at the house. They are moving In feb and it was really weird to see the house so empty. I am grateful I'm in the position to go home and have one on one time with my parents as much as i have been able to have. My mom got list int he mall for an hour the day i was supposed to fly out of Bakersfield to come back home to Utah. I didn't even get mad, I got frustrated but thought in my head that one day I'd be at their funeral upset I didn't express my self differently. I was very proud of my restraint and actually hugged my mom telling her I adored her. I really do and don't want to think about losing them.

Then New years... So awesome!!! IT was perfect as well. I sent the day watching grey's and eating seven layer dip with my roomy and a Friend then we went to my sisters and played games- party! Really, and then off to the dance. The night ended at an early 5 am and all of us snoring. then the rest of the weekend went so great also. I love that since I have decided to be 100% blessings have followed, and my little heart has been taken care of. I should have known that would have happened.
the week after New years I spent throwing up sick and in bed. Yucky. However I am on top of the world now... Feeling great. I went visiting teaching and I am truly learning so much from one of my girls. I had a really hard time going to see her, we are extreme sides of the spectrum, however slowly it's getting great between us.

Life is good!

Also good news: I have a really close freind shout out lins- who is having twin BOYS and my sister is having twins (girl and Boy)... AWESOME. What blessing those spirits already are...