Monday, May 31, 2010

What a Weekend!

I love 4 day weekends! It seems as if there aren't enough in the world.

Below are some awesome pictures of this weekends high lights. Derrek, my "friend" invited me out to his work event. Luckily he works out at the Larry H. Miller race track so the event was way fun. It was fun to see him in his element, and his cute little work shirt. Then I realized I see him in work shirts all the time, in fact all the pictures I have with him are in the same shirt... HUmmm, I smell a shopping spree.

The event is some world wide motor cycle race, I fear the details have escaped my mind, however still fun. We saw a concert of the bands Kansas, Stix, and Foreigner. Apparently cool bands, I didn't know much of the material. i just enjoyed being with Derrek and frankly, I like Holding his hand.

Next we went to Logan for Mal's mom and Dad's talk on sunday. They were so awesome!!! After we played games and Ate yummy food. Then I headed back to Salt Lake to enjoy dinner with my Buddy. After dinner we watched this national geographic special about the body. Nerds, yes you can call us nerds. HOWever, at least I'm no longer a nerd alone. I've got a nerd friend.

Then, for Memorial Weekend I decided I needed a purple surfer girl room. So we spent the better half of the day painting, and I have every intention of making dinner and watching the bachlor then hitting bed!!! I'm exhausted.

Lets hurry and say my 5 grateful things before I pass out sleepy.

#1 I'm so grateful for mine and Derrek's flight confirmations that came via email today! Our trip is 2 days away. I have a feeling it's going to be a long 2 days :( But :) for after the 2 days!

#2 Microwaves. Our's went out and holy annoying. I can't tell you how many times I walked over to the microwave to heat something, start it and then see it wasn't working and put it in for longer only to realize it wasn't working. Malorie thought it was pretty funny, she's the one that usually busted me.

#3 Dryers. Not only did the microwave go out, but also the dryer. After hauling my stuff literally all over northern utah (logan, Slc, Saratoga springs, Ogden) I realize I'm so grateful I have one in my home.

#4 My sam's club reusable bags. I love them. They are big, and awesome.

#5 OK so this is kinda a funny thing to be grateful for, I'm grateful for being able to spit. Derrek and I had our date night at his work and I turned my head to spit. Well just then the wind picked up and a nasty spit wad instead of going to the ground went into my beautiful strawberry blonde hair. Derrek laughed, and then looked at me like I was growing something out of my forhead. Don't worry, he won't let me live it down.

All in all, I'm just a lucky and grateful girl!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deep Breath!!!

Holy Toledo! I am so glad this week is almost over! SO glad!!! I had my first set of truly “grown” up interviews where presentations were required… (Well, one was suppose to be a report but the requesting supervisor did not state that in the request email so she got an out line for a presentation).

I was so stressed about it, but would never admit the stress. I was like on edge, and there were only a few things that would settle my tummy… (Lets be honest, only a few “people” ;) I am ever so grateful for my dear Mal who, at this point knows what I need more than I do. When I get stressed and freaked out, with out saying anything she turns into go mode.

She cooked with me. On Sunday I came up with this idea of cooking for hours for the week to come. I’ll be honest; it was really a remedy to my anxiety, who doesn’t find comfort in the yummy-est food ever? (I tend to think highly of my cooking) After cooking and getting all that done, magically my presentations were still waiting for me to write and organize them. Magically. What a PAIN. What’s worse than having to present in front of a panel of 4 Supervisors and an Area Manager? I’m pretty sure nothing, however after thinking about it, I’d rather present then have to recover from surgery.

The interview on the first day I walked out feeling neither way. I wasn’t feeling like it was good, but I don’t feel like I’m out of the running. I thought 15 people were interviewing, turns out only 5. That means my chances are much greater. OMG I might actually have a shot at this.

The second day interview could be called somewhat of a train wreck. HOWever, I looked HOT in my little suit. I have great great hair and I actually like my legs these days. Then there’s my eyes… they are HOT. I was checking out my mom, and she has very pretty blue eyes, I probably got them from her. Back to the interview- just glad they are over. I should know in 2 days what the result is. Could be nothing and those interviews were a “great” experience.

Aside from that, I am so looking forward to this long weekend. My new ward is full of great people, and I’m really excited about it. Turns out there is another click of “cool” people who want to join forces with our click. They live like a couple blocks away and should be fun to call at a moments notice to play tennis or something (now that my click is all paired off, and my “friend” Derrek lives in SLC I’m wide open for things to do after work) Maybe I should volunteer somewhere.

Lets move on to the Good stuff, my Grateful list.

#1 This morning’s e-mail from the state. The lady who sent it is named Nichole- Malorie. Random name, but those happen to be the names of our 2 click members- the other females anyway, and seeing their names made me smile.

#2 My Ball. This week a guy- who’s name I will no longer recognize as a name, broke my egg/ science project. I’ve been working on this thing since January and after me asking him not to do it many many times, he broke it. No apology from him, because “it’s just an egg, and I need to get over it” Of course, Lame guy. I was so so so upset (still am). Like profanities upset. Last night, Nichole invited us over to dinner, her and Jack made Peruvian… they had a surprise. It was a bouncy ball that has green glitter in it. How very very sweet of them. At the time it made me sad cause I realized I didn’t have this project that I have tried to complete so many dang times, but yet again some one couldn’t keep his hand off… when I saw the ball this morning I realized it represented genuine friends who care about my feelings so so much. I though to my self, “Ah they love me” and had a warm heart for a minute.

#3 Liquid eye liner. I never wore it before Mal came along. I had tried some of my sister Ceri’s but I was always allergic. Well, I found a brand that works and my eyes are Beau-ti-fullllll because of them. Thank you Revlon for bringing out the true HOTtIE in me.

#4 So I’m a blog stalker. I’m grateful for it. I have a list of 5 blogs I follow regularly of people I have never met. The first blog is of a good friends X-husband’s new wife. Next would be Jack’s X girlfriend, then a lady that got in a plane crash, then Jack’s Sister in law who is so dang funny… and the last one is… some other funny chick, I don’t even know who she is. Random? Of course, but I love the entertainment. Don’t kid your self, blog stalking is part of my daily routine, and I’ll frequently text Jack and tell him to jump on line new pictures are posted on HIS Families site. If any of you know of blogs I should be reading, PLEASE SHARE.

#5 I’m grateful for the feeling I have right this second. Totally Chill, Music going on, Good stuff to look forward to this weekend (date night with my nephew), a job that I enjoy, a kissing friend I adore, and friends that have made my world go around.
Ahhhh it’s a good life. I feel so at peace I could be sitting at the beach and feel the same feeling.

Happy White Wednesday! (That means temple tonight), seriously does it get any better?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lets just hurry and do this... Seems like life is a hurry these days.

I'm so grateful for...

#1 The Logan canyon. As I went for my first really big interview (upper management) I was so nervous. I was in a state car, Suit, and feeling so official. I was so nervous and anxious. The canyon was amazingly beautiful. My nerves were calmed and it reminded me a little of Alaska, which any one who's been there can agree the beauty is not comparable. Thank You Logan canyon for being there in my time of need.

#2 The guy above. DERREK. He's a newer friend that I just adore. He is fun, he's so sweet, and so nice (some times) and allot of times he's a total Joker. I'm grateful I know him though and have been having fun with him. He listens to my endless ramble of how lame things are, and how awesome I am... Ahhh Derrek.

#3 MY NEW WARD. LOVE IT. Absolutely adore it!!! I love that it's not click, and I love that Mal is in the Relief Society Presidency. Mal is frequently telling me how awesome I am, BUT lets be truthful. Clearly she is the awesome one.

#4 I love love my Seeds I make. Chinese Pumpkin seeds with Bragg's seasoning. Love it, love them, and thank heavens for yummy-ness.

#5 Yummy Salsa that I make. Last night I was freaking out BIG time about interviews and things. I had me some home made salsa and nachos. Lets just say, AMAZING.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm kinda having a hard day at work, seems like I'm hearing sadder and more sad stories all over the place! Figure I better write something I'm so so grateful for before I turn into Bitter Betty.

#1 Zach's Voice. My friend Zach and I have this Love and Big time hate relationship. We fight, and then we hug and love each other so much. I'm grateful for that. Sometimes you need a friend you can just call and cuss at, and then they laugh at how dumb you sound...

#2 Paul Mitchell Mousse. I love how it makes my hair just the perfect curl. I don't have it right now, and I'm feeling the pain. With out it the "curl" looks like a soft wave, and it's not at pretty (dare I say that about my own hair?) Paul Mitchel, I love your mousse. Thank you sir for bringing out my best curl.

#3 I'm grateful for Anna the cleaning lady at my work. She is so sweet. She's Seventh Day Adventist and so dang cute. Every week i get the Adventist news in English and Spanish, and she invites me to worship with her all the time. We talk about life and she is always so sweet and concerned about whats going on. When I had my surgery she prayed for me. How sweet is that? I always use the "Usted" form of my Spanish verbs to show her I respect her. Truly I have learned, it does not matter what your job is, but how you touch those around you with the spirit you bring to that job.

#4 Chap stick... Seems to be coming in handy lately.

#5 My trip to Cali in the making. I'M so excited!!! I will be staying with the Gomez family (I love them) and hanging out with my sister in law, the kids, brother, and also a sister from another mama, Nicki. I love them all, and nothing better than California of a couple days to get your mind off Utah happenings. Lets not forget that a super cute cute guy is coming with. Hollar.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks again!

Thursdays are always a good feeling for me. A deep breath, and a week closer to retirement, which means a week closer to a mission, and being a grandma. Kinda wierd count down huh? I just really want to skip being a mom and I want to be a granny with all the fun benifits that it includes. I just see my self being so fun as a granny.
OK, this passed week at work was kinda a big one at work; new structure, new supervisor, possiblities are endless when they do this. Alot of anxiety, but I'm glad to announce nothing is changing for Cheryl (for now anyway). I was feeling mixed about it, I think I wanted a change, but now I'm feeling good about it.

My friend Jack has this girl friend that we just love. Life is so much easier when a close friend is dating some one you love and adore. Its a mutal consis, we love and adore nichole. Welcome to the crew little one. She Brings with her a fresh perspective, and a kindness thats not so nerdy. We love you girl and are excited to have you.

Let's start our grateful list before I have to go teach a workshop.

#1 I am so grateful I have manners. People come in here alot with out them and I think it says so much about who you as a person when you use them, verse when you don't.

#2 Straws. I love them. I don't like to have to move my head while working and drinking.

#3 Elizabeth Chenney. She is a co worker that has such a tender heart. We have the best conversations. She's got some sassy to her, don't worry. I was hesitant to want to work with her, but have found it to be an awesome experience. I really enjoy her spirit both at work and on a personal level (hard to accomplish).

#4 Helping friends. Nichole Came over last night so we could talk about Boys (with out them being there) and it was so good! I had to clean my room and the house cause Derrek is coming (Horay!!!) she was so sweet, she could not sit back and watch, she had to help. No matter how much some one says no, they really do want help! I love that I have friends that know that.

#5 reality checks. No matter how awesome life is and how happy I am, reality checks help us know what it is we are doing here, and what it is we are becoming. I am grateful.

Here's some inspiration for your day!

Allow Your Own Inner Light to Guide You

There comes a time when you must stand alone.
You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.
You must be willing to make sacrifices.
You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.
Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.
There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.
Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.
Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by.
Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.
Don't stand in someone else's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Happy, and So grateful.

First off I have one more day of work till the awesome weekend starts! Not that I’m wishing my days away, but more of me loving those that surround me in my life and love to spend every minute with them! Let me send a grateful shout out to those I love. I love you!

#1 I can’t help it. I love my twins already and they aren’t born. My sister called, we need to pray that little girl inside of her needs to flip so she can come into the world naturally. So let us pray. I love her Camilla, and baby Spencer already and they haven’t breathed yet. I just love them.

#2 Flex spending. As hospital bills come in and all other bills I’m so grateful I thought about this surgery in advance. Like so grateful.

#3 The clips on my board that allow me to post pictures with out putting a whole in the picture. I have them In pink, purple, and light blue. I love it, and think of how cute those colors are all the time.

#4 My nephews. The mission boys. Again I say it frequently, but man I love them. I try to sway them to call their aunty frequently, but no luck YET. I sure look forward to living forever with my nieces and nephews. There is no better Joy then them growing and making good choices. Shout out family of mine.

#5 Baja Blast Mt. Dew. Love it. Dear Taco Bell thank you for being invented. Thank you for bringing some of my life line a.k.a. Mt Dew Baja Blast to my life. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grateful Tuesday

I owe my self grateful things today, just because i forgot yesterday. I was so sleepy.

#1 Bubble gum! Nothing better than blowing big bubbles. I'm pretty sure blowing bubbles can solve allot of problems in the world.

#2 Change. It seems like everything is changing these days. I go into freak out mode, then I realize all the great things in life happen when change comes to pass. I'm glad I don't know whats up with work, I'm grateful I have a new ward, and I'm glad everyone in our "click" ha ha is dating and things are changing that way too. being stagnate is never a good thing.

#3 Expedia Web site. I love it. I love that I can simply put where I want to go and a price comes up, and I know for the low price of ___ all my problems are solved. LOVE it.

#4 My USB cord! Oh how I love my camera, and Oh how I love my connecting cord!

#5 ranch. Simple, but makes my world so much better. My world goes round because of my need for ranch on so many goods.

"A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer." Doris Lessing

My heart is Especially happy For my Dear Sweet PERFECT TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

Mal's Big HUge day!

I had the awesome opportunity of going to the temple in Logan with Malorie.

Hollar! It was so beautiful with all the flowers and the weather... AMAZING.

Us and our twins. We love them. Where would our lives be? Shortly after the temple, they put on a concert for us at Mal's house. Her mom fell in LOVE with Zach, (of course it's kinda a duh)

Me and my Jack. What an awesome guy! The night before Mal's big day, Mal and I drove up to Logan to help her mom get the house ready, then we bought all the nourishing food (BBQ!!!) We roasted hot dogs and it was FUN!!! (we've been wanting to BBQ for some time now)
Mal is so Cute! She was so calm, at this point I was freaking out for her, Seems like I did all the freak out fro every one else.

Me and my Winnies. Little known secret, I didn't eat hot dogs till after my mission. Can you believe that? (to my credit they are kinda gross) Now I just eat the polish kind, Costco converted me. Now look, I'm a hot dog roaster... Old dogs learning new tricks.
Jack looks so cute here. What a crazy. I just love Zach. Before I headed up north my mom hooked me up with a list of family names to find in the cemetery in Smith Field (where Mal is from) turns out I have family that Settled the city (we are Smiths) So I took pictures of head stones and stuff with Mal. What a good Friend she is to do that with me. This is a picture with a Craghead, the other side of the family.
What a good Friend!!!

Long story short, great weekend. I was able to see some other "friends" and it was PACKED full of fun. My Nephews from the Mission were able to call home, I didn't talk to any of them- I felt it was important for them to have special time with their mom's. I called my mom and wished her a happy day.
My ward was reorganized this last week so we have everything new. I went to Church alone, and eventually was able to talk Zach into ward hopping over to my ward. I was so glad he was there with me.
I'm glad I have Friends that I can sit in Holy places with, what a blessing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Even after that Novel of a post I still must shed some seeds of gratitude.

#1 Bleach wipes :) Trust me, they are a very good thing where I work. Heaven bless Proctor and Gamble (shout out to the newest employee my Brother- in- law Jeff (Hey Jeff- I can still Kick your rear end just cause your big time now doesn't mean snot)).

#2 Texting. My communication to my Twins and BFF during the work day. Where would we be with out each other, you people are my rocks and constant communication is a must. whats the saying? A family that texts together stays together?

#3 The emergency contacts list above my desk. Bright colors that are mandated by risk management that we have them by our phones in case we forget to call 911 in an emergency. (Who do they think we are? We run public programs and allocate funds but can't call 911?... HUM) I think it's funny everyday.

#4 My non slip teeth whitening strips. The new crest 3d are awesome. They don't move so you can talk and keep the party going all the while whitening those Hot dentes.

#5 Have I mentioned my amazing tooth brush? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Like LOVE it. I don't know how many of y'all know this but I am all about Oral Health.

Cinco De Mayo

It's Cinco De Mayo!!! WARNING!!!!!! IT's a NOVEL!!!

I can't help but feel so excited for today! Cinco de Mayo means different things for Cheryl. The younger Cheryl loved Cinco de Mayo because it meant we got to have tacos and loud dancing music playing in the quad in elementary school. It meant that we talked about people like Cesar Chavez and the rights that he was able to win for his people.

As a High School student Cinco De Mayo meant more things, It meant that my Spanish teachers Dressed up in their native costumes and we watched "Mrs. Patino" dance her heart out! fresh tortillas, and Hot Latin guys imported to dance for us... HOLLar. I had allot of Hispanic Friends and I'm grateful that they always were true to their culture. I ate the most amazing food and would frequently look around the room being the only "white" girl around. I learned to laugh at my self Allot.

Most of you know that I went to BYU right out of high school- like litterally days after graduation. I think that's what saved my life. I think when I got to BYU I still had a blood alcohol level and I for sure woke up with a belly ring- thank you Amy and Jen for stopping me from getting the tattoo... Seriously. the scar of a belly ring is much better than what ever it was I thought was so vital to get tattooed on me that night.

Anyway, after a year in Utah, and at BYU I had changed. I wasn't that girl anymore, and I really missed my Hispanic Friends. Being around so many white people wasn't something I had ever done before, the culture was so weird here, and to be honest I wanted to go home. So after a year or so at "college" I went home to Bakersfield California.

A few things that people don't always know about Bakersfield is that it is infiltrated with a HUGE immigrant population. HUGE. Our economy was based on agriculture, and based on the season citrus, or grapes you can feel the influx of people. I literally had 3 close Friends in High School that were White, and like 10 Really Really Close Friends (BFF's) were English was not the first language. I think because of this, my few of politics and social systems are very different than that of any one else in the United States.

Going back home from Utah, I went to a community college (SHOUT out BC) and declared I was a Chicano Studies Major (the study of US born Mexican Americans) My brother was a professor of Politics at the same school, and I remember having some very heated conversations about the immigration policy and "liberal" attitude I had adapted to. I was the only White member of the M.E.Ch.A Club (props to anyone that knows what that means... seriously. especially out side of Cali, you are cool if you are living in Utah and can tell me what that means)

I was blown away by the history and amazing Heroism that was shown by "our" Hispanic fore-fathers. I was put in many "interesting" conversations taking allot of heat for what white men have done which is fair enough. Natives to California were subjected to allot when "my people" decided to head that direction. (Little do they know my people actually came from England on the Mormon Trail and were persecuted a bit too. My grandmother lost 3 kids over the ocean then walked across the United State bare foot so she could practice religion freely, but lets focus on our Friends south of the border today) My dad being the CFO of a major Vineyard put me in an interesting position. I took classes about the big corporations taking advantage of the cheap labor of illegals and the social issues that this oppression caused then I realized my DAD was the man who was literally responsible for allot of the complex social issues we were out to solve. OK so that's allot of responsibility to place on one man's shoulder- the issues really are so complex, However, lets imagine for a minute men standing up for another mans HUMAN rights. can you imagine the change in the world?

I was in my Chicano History Class, first semester. Mr. Torres, my professor stood up in front of the class and presented the history of Meso-America. He presented the Toltec people, Aztec's, Inca's and some of the greatest civilizations that the world has ever seen. I was touched by the words Mr. Torres spoke, and knew that what he was saying was true. At the end of the lecture when Torres started to address the Spanish Inquisition he mentioned the symbolism of Jesus Christ in the history of those people. There were certain things that the cultures had in common that all pointed to the truth that Christ had been Among those people.

At this point in the lecture Mr. Torres stopped the class and asked if anyone in the room was Mormon. Here in Utah this isn't a big deal right? Back home in Cali, admitting your Mormon is sometimes opening your self up to much degrading, and awkward situations. I am not going to lie. I almost didn't say anything. I hesitated. Then after a couple seconds I Lifted my arm and looking around I noticed not only was I the only Mormon, but I was the only "white" girl in the room. 2 direct hits.

Surprisingly, Mr Torres continued the conversation by saying something like this; "you Mormons have a book that teaches your people that Christ was on the American Content right?" and I said "yes, that's right, the Book of Mormon" Mr Torres said, "Mormon was a prophet that keep sacred record on gold plates right and then it was put in a book form for all to read?" and I said hesitantly "right" (at this point I'm just waiting to get slammed... and have to drop the class) BUT Mr Torres said "MAYBE THE MORMONS HAVE IT RIGHT AFTER ALL, they are the ones that teach Christ was here in America, and no one else teaches that."

Mr Torres went on to talk about how the inquisition affected the people of Mexico and how Mexico at the same time of America was built up and even at one point had a Constitution. The difference was that "the Church" was behind Mexico and the people were oppressed, where in the newly formed "United States" religious freedom was emphasised. The great test of time... Catholics VS. Protestants. Freedom to be Educated, and Enlighten Vs. Oppression and might I add "Communism" (big argument to make however I'm prepared if any one would like to challenge my thought process GAME ON.)

I learned allot of things in that class room that day. I Learned for the first time in my life everything I had been taught about the Book of Mormon, the ancient civilizations could also be intellectually evaluated as well as spiritually. (I fear being manipulated by "feelings" sometimes) I learned that I knew the solution for Mr Torres's longing for his ansestors and his heritage, I knew the name of his great Grand Fathers, and I knew where they came from. Lets start with Lehi, and then Nephi, throw in some Mormon's and Moroni's and Bam his family history is done) I learned I was so grateful to be part of a religious organization that deeply values education, and even promotes that. I sat in a room with the remnants of a people who truly had no idea of their GREAT heritage. I learned I liked Chicano History more than the usual Us history CRAP we were feed. The history of the United States is so much more than memorizing dates and names. It's people, and it's the lessons we can use to integrate into our lives to be better people.

I think the biggest lesson I had been taught by Mr. Torres that day was that I knew my life would change forever. I learned I'd be serving the posterity of those great civilizations for the rest of my life. I learned that most of my Friends, and experiences I had in my life up to that point was pointing me in a direction to serve the Hispanic community for the rest of my life. I knew at that moment I would some how learn to speak Spanish, and I knew I would serve them on a mission.

I knew this so strongly that when it came down to figuring out classes I would need to take to finish my degree I purposely put off the Spanish classes because I KNEW with out a doubt I would come home from a mission and test out of them, so why waste your time now right?

I went on my mission (barely, I think any one around during that time would agree that it was the HARDEST thing I have ever done). Fittingly I was called to Serve in Nashville Tennessee, Spanish speaking. Being engaged when the call came, I didn't even open it. My sister Ceri and her fiance at the time Jerry (now husband) came to my work and my sister opened my call right there in Beverly's craft store (she wasn't about to let me have a big white envelope laying around the house). I wanted to go to Italy SO badly. I watched the called to sever video probably everyday for that last year of my life, and the red head was sent to Italy (yes that is what I based my Mission Knowledge on- called to serve video) When she said "Nashville, Tennessee" I thought to my self "Hooray I'm going foreign, where's Tennessee..." I was completely clueless. Completely. However, I looked at the paper after a few moments and then realized it said Spanish speaking. I knew at that point I was not getting married... No way that guy had a chance.

As I learned the language, my heart was touched and molded in ways I can't express. I knew what I was doing would literally change generations to come and I took my role as an ambassador for Christ very seriously. Lets us not be confused, I still had a party when ever I could, but I knew my purpose of the service and I knew the eternal importance of my decision. Language never was a struggle for me. I don't know if it's because I had grown up around people who spoke Spanish, or if it's cause my brothers spoke it to me (usually inappropriate words, but those came in handy too) But I never struggled with Spanish. I knew that if I loved those people and understood my mission as Christ representative the rest would fall into place, and it did.

Don't get me wrong every missionary struggles. My struggles were in other areas, but the language and people were never an issue for me. Love is step one and I had that one down.

On a day like today, Cinco de Mayo, I reflect on all of these experiences that I've had. I reflect on the feelings I have had, and still have. I reflect on those values and core beliefs I hold to so strongly. I am grateful for Chicano Holidays. As an American, I believe that it is the mixture of cultures and beliefs, and honoring the hero's of those cultures can bring us nothing but a better understanding of who we are individually, and as citizens of this world. I think Days like these are great opportunities to reflect on what it is we hold dear, and then Share that with those around us so they have the option to experience our joys with us.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So my Grateful List, I'm not grumpy but we always are in need of a good moment or two of gratitude no?

#1 I'm grateful for... My big mug at my desk. I usually have hot coco or hot tea every morning. I found this amazing herbal tea: aci berry with Stevia. I am In LOVE. seriously that's all it takes to win me over, I'm pretty easy. Hot yummy herbal tea and I'm done.

#2 You tube. I love that when I'm at work and need a boost from the normal play list all I have to do is type in You tube and off I go to pure happiness.

#3 My so cute natural wave in my hair. It has saved my life a few times. Can I tell you that when I'm late and running out the door feels good to know with a few drops of mouse I will be some what presentable. Shout out to the DNA maker, thank you for that added bonus. (And my kids thank you)

#4 Grocery Shopping. Weird thing to be grateful for but I love it. I think even if I made Millions I'd still grocery shop. I always feel so accomplished and also at peace when I shop for food. My 2 favorite things to do in one location, can't get better. My favorite right now is Macey's Store. Love it.

#5 My Friends blogs. I am grateful for the people in my life that are living examples and share that through their blogging habits. My sister is pr ego with twins and lives far away. I feel connected to her and those babies still because of how awesome she is at blogging. I am grateful for this thing they call the world wide web. I'd spend so much time writing on paper other wise- and who likes to do that any more?

"For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends." Ralph Waldo Emerson


The weekend was a party, as it usually is. How is it that days during the week seem like a full 24 hours instead of the 10 hours I'm actually at work? But on the weekend the 12 hours of day is equal to like 4 hours during the work week. How is that fair? I think in place of day light savings time we need weekend elongated time.

Can I just say a few things? I love having my parents close. They hook me up royally, and all these years apart from them I have forgotten that old people are like awesome, and at that, old people that will do anything for you are even cooler. I ended up enjoying an awesome concert (?) not sure if that's what you'd call it- but it was at the conference center with the mo tab and everything. IT WAS AWESOME. I was at first thinking it would be a snooze fest, but turned out to be wrong- usually am.

I enjoyed IN PERSON, my favorite mo tab song!!!! Morning Breaks. Oh the beauty. I use to dance around my apt on my mission in full garment glory to that song, P days really are a God sent. There was also some pretty motivating videos and other fun things shared but the "religious organization" to which I belong. I think the high light of the occasion was the speech from the ever amazing David G. McCullough. He shared he's thoughts on the public educational system, to which I agree with strongly.

Those of you who know my family, know and have heard me talk about my sister's who home school. They are following the Thomas Jefferson model of teaching and to their credit, (i don't let them know this very often but I agree with allot of what they believe), David G. McCullough had quite a bit to say and it was music to a home schoolers ears. Public Education is an interesting theory and if we look at the root of the system I think you'll find some interesting factors. Let us not argue about why public school is good or any thing else... Lets remember this is MY blog and I get to speak freely here. (you have a blog post it there if you want to say something about the educational system) However, I have noticed a Huge difference in some one who has a classic education vs those who have not yet educated them selves to that degree.

I admire people who study history, I truly believe we have so much to learn from the past, and so much gratitude to give to those who have gone before us. More than anything, I think that we respect and honor the people who sacrificed everything they had in order for us enjoy freedoms, by doing just that... Honoring the principles they have found to be eternal truths.

Now let me step off my high horse and come back to earth. Friday night was full of fun and entertainment as I had a girls night- Indian food is never ever a bad thing.

Saturday morning Holly and I woke up to drive to Logan only to find out the store we were going for didn't open till 12. WHAT THE. So we went to Smith and Edwards... which is an Army surplus store. Leave it to me and Holly to find the girly'est stuff in the whole freaking school and still managed to make it a shopping trip. True definition of being a girl. LOVE It. (Thanks Holly for Breakfast!)

Saturday night I enjoyed a night of Motor Cross. So fun! freezing, However a small price to pay to enjoy the smell and sound of motor cycles.
Ok So I'm not that into Motor cycles how ever the company was pleasant, and I really did have fun.

Malorie has found her self a boyfriend/ eternal companion- what ever you want to call it. Well this is her off to meet his parents. He is a doll and we heart him. I found that shirt at Ross and the second I saw it I was absolutely positive she could not live with out it. Looked Fab as usual.

Monday is Missionary day, I usually get the emails from my Mission Boys. This week Jo shy Pooh's was especially entertaining. Man that kid is cool. I really really miss him. At any mention of a missionary you can find this proud auntie welling up. How's that for cheese ball? I'm seriously so dang proud. Te ammo BUD.