Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The fourth of July PARTIES!

TUCK!!! and the new Pup Cher
SO I'm totally into adding pictures on my blog these days... you don't have to write as much. I got that picture of Tucker (my nephew) from my sister in laws blog... so cute...
So this picture of these silly girls are my friends/ running buddies/ ward friends. We were at a art festival and as you can see on Crystals Face- having alot of fun.
So once the fourth party started... my brother and his cute little family came up from california. Of course we had a sleep over... It was a party... (I don't advice sleep overs... nobody sleeps)

It was fun! myah, joseph, Sydney, and Ambri all stuck inot this tiny tent that Myah got for her birthday.

This is Sydney as sleeping beauty. So sweet.

Ambri as Snow white (I'm making up all these fun names as I go)

And there I am... my big head. as you can see my Acne medicine is not working... which means my dermatologist is going to be putting me on Acutane soon...

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Sassy Sis--Saundra said...

You're so freakin' funny! I love it!