Saturday, February 23, 2008


Happy Saturday. It's the best day of the whole week. I love the feeling of getting things done... feels good.

So, even though I put an end to the Brian thing (Like times 20) I'm still very Bugged by the whole situation. He knows the guy I'm working for- my side job- and is taking his new little girl freind around. I feel so bad for her. Then I get to hear all about it. and rumor is she is dang cute. THEN BRIAN CALLS ME, tells me he's only with her cause he's hurt and wants to go out. Seriously... seriously...

So my so sweet brother mike (ok. so sweet might not be the word) hung out with me all day helped me get my mind off of things... WHICH is good. Going out wiht Brian in the last thing I need right now.

Just got in from Target. I guess realisticly speaking... this week SUCKED. Their was an earth quake that freaked me out. and now I feel an even stronger urgency to get on the ball. my home teacher told me that he doesn't think we should be alone (which means I can't hang out with him) and that guy that I was so excited about being freinds with after EFY is a FLAKE. Thats pretty much how I feel about that program... (not bitter or anything)

THEN... I GOT IN A CAR THING. I hit a huge rock and seriously hurt my car.

THis whole trial thing can go some where else cause right now is not a good time for me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woww-WWYy CoWWy


What a disapointment! Seriously... girls kissing girls... I took my sister in law Anna and we ended up sitting on a pool in the back of the room in the bar section... YUCK. With all the Smoke (seriously, I thought in door smoking was out in the 90's), and the SICK people around I ended up leaving seriously thinking I was going to up chuck.

BUT, the music was good. The 2 opening "bands" were regea and AMAZING. Colby was good too... I LOVE live music... but I just feel like she sold us all out... It was so packed and hot and just plain gross. Not even close to whst she is all about...


But I did get home sick for California... Regea, dred locks, and loud music... I love CALIFORNIA,

Monday, February 11, 2008

So Awe-eee-summm

This week was so AWESOME!!! I'm telling you, full of little Cheryl Miricles.

Woke up Saturday and started the running around... Then I went to lunch, shopping and the movies with my long lost friend from High school that I met... It was so fun! Seriously an answer to my prayers.

Then i got to go over to president Hinckleys grave... I am so amazed by that man, and the patience of his family... Wow...

Then Grochery Shopping... which is a whole story in it's self. this Food storage thing makes a simple trip to the grochery store a production...

then my home teacher texts and says "lets hang out" so we were going to go to the Pie, and we ended up in the movie Clover Field... (interesting... ) and at the movie I ended up dropping my Cell phone in cup of lemonade... so random... So if your reading this you should probaly send my your number cause it was out with the lemonade.

THEN sunday morning hit with meeting a cousin i never knew I had (actually 2 of them) and hearing about this family that I had heard about but it was fun to get faces with the names... they were so happy to meet me... which always feels good right?

THen Church, my home teachers are God Sent! They sat by me all during church,,, and let me tease them to death and were just so great with me... I met my visiting teaching companion (who is so cute!! and really fun i'm so excited) She said she wants to be freinds, then RANDOMLY out of no where is this GUY I did EFY with! SO AWESOME! we sat and talked for literally Hours, and I had no idea he wanted to be friends.

then I headed over to my other friends house for a "making Cards" party...

I guess when you pray about having friends and changing your life, he listens...

What an amazing faith buliding week end. Maybe he does know me after all...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Oh my Gosh... BUSY!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SunDay- Funday!

Happy Sunday!
I took this pic off Anna's blog. This is my dad getting the Silver Beaver award (lol.) Dispite the naughty jokes we are all thinking, it actually is a really awesome award that my dad was diserving of Years ago... I was so excited for him. He tried to down play how he felt about it, but when they called his name he was actually brought to tears. Good for him!!!

Of course I did my research and made him an accurate card to match the design of the award (it's offical, I'm a complete crafty little nerd: some people call it talent :). I wish I took a picture of that puppy!
As you can see, it's been a year of plenty for me... Maybe a famine wouldn't be too bad! In the picture Left to right are: The coolest Chick ever, my madre, Padre! (scout of honor), Anna (sister in law), Amy (sister in law). my Brother Troy was there too, but he cut out early for a camp out with his scouts on the beach. He'll be the next Silver Bever just watch- Dad is a PIMP. He is surrounded by Hot Chicks all around!
Excitement doesn't even Begin to describe. It's febuaray 15th... I'll cheers to that!
I liked her before she was big, back when she was on Myspace and I'd log into listen to her while I was writing papers in College. She pretty much rocks, and I love that she writes all her own stuff... TALENT.
Random thought- I LoOooOve Big fluffy pillows! You can never have near enough. If i could I'd have my body fully pillow-ed... I feel that passionate about them.
We had a lesson on food storage and prepairedness. Luckily I have started (and I got a rocken storage kit for Christmas this year), so I didn't feel the cloud of guilt that usually accomanies that lesson in relief scoiety. BUT I have had feelings lately about how important it is to be prepaired. I always think I'm kinda crazy for wanted to "be prepaired" being a single person, but today It hit me- Why not start now that it's easy.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Never enough

HOly Crap I have to write these things over and over I swear... my entries always get erased.

So the pictures are just fun little ones i found on my sisters computer.
My nephew Jo falls asleep every where. It's so funny, I had to post at least one of the shots they had.
The Snow sledding are from Christmas eve or so... not sure the "exact" date. ( Who cares?)

The next is of my and my mom. I think I wrote about her when I was in cali. Now you have a visual. I love that pic cause thats seriously the one I remember on her face. So funny, and I'm really glad I captured that on camera.

Then there's the one of Jason and I. I put this one up cause he is actually graduating high school this year. Can you believe my oldest nephew is graduating high school? what a trip!!!

Then theres Little Gracie Ann, whose eyes ALWAYS are this open. I love this picture, I think it is so funny. I have it on my desk at work , and on my fridge at home. I just love her expressions I think they are hysterical.

I worte all this stuff about... lame things really... just before they got erased. Just said that the day today has been slow, and very thought provoking. Breakfast in the manana, the funeral of Dear President Hinckley (I live right by the conference center and now I'm wishing I would have just went to the funeral) visiting with family. Now I'm blogging...
My new addiction.
And I've learned how to add pics too... !
Now I'm back in town, Life is all about the work Gods. it's been intense. They bumped me up to a new position and the learning curve is demanding. Luckily I've been able to step back from the rest of the stuff so it's not as bad...
Not much too exciting, although, I did hook up with a freind I played soccer with in High Shool. She lives up here and she is actually going to be in the stamp club that I'm in so we'll see each other at least once a month.
Thats exciting! Friends are never bad.
I'm going to go.. there is a crying boy to cuddle, and dinner to be made, laundry to be switched. I'm going to be a killer wife.