Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The weekend was Amazing!!!

For all that didn't know my dad, My bro in law Jerry and I went to Vegas for a conference on Taxes and Asset protection. Let me tell you- The conference was... interesting. I learned So much! Especially how all of us are paying Far too much in taxes, and that there are very simple things that we could do to avoid them.

We stayed with one of my long time Best Friends- Sole (my first daughter will be named that!) LOVE IT! She was one of my very first roomies at BYU and we instantly clicked. She was really quite and I was all over the place (imagine that) and we had some seriously awesome times. She is from Argentina and on top of being amazing her food is to die for too... Those are very good combinations!

Well... Her and her hubby (the chance a nator) have 2 babys that are so cute: itsy girl and tubbys. We played and the kids were so good. My dad put on grandpa hat and was all over that!

The first night we had Empanadas (from Argentina)... YUM!!! and watched funny movies all night... mostly SNL.

Then the next night we hit up a yummy stake house and Grubbed down. Ribs like no other!!! Chance let me and Sole go out so we hit up the town. I found some awesome finds at New York and Co. (my most recently found fav. store) and we went to some ghetto stores that were Very Vegas ish. Then we hit up the Strip... SO FUN! I love the energy on the strip!!! Not all the gross stuff, But I love the energy! All the fun things to see...

Then I wanted to gamble so we put a dollar in at her local casino. I didn't even realize I was done, I was trying to pull the lever down, and that was a no go. I have no Idea how people get addicted to that. BUT I did see a craps table in real life and poker table (my first time). Interesting.

Then Sunday Came and I was So tired (from the parties) and was ready to go home.

Over all it was a great visit. Dad was on his best behavior, and I actually enjoyed our time together.

Sole Custom makes Jewelry... and she hooked me up BIG TIME. I have 3 necklaces that are adorable. I will never buy jewels from anyone else again. (mark my words) She sales them to everyone... and has a blog... I'll get he sight and post it...

So now it's back to work... so I can go to St George to see one of my other Very Favorite People in the wide world... LINS! and My NIECES... Syd and Ambri!

Vive Las Vegas!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yet again...

So another week... working for the Government of Utah. The longer I work here the more I realize nothing shocks me...

I have been drinking Green smoothies every morning- about a quart of them. I've noticed a huge difference in my level of stress management, and health. I have so much more energy. If none of you know what green smoothies are- they are basically a combination of fruits (my fav is 2 bananas, 2 cups fresh pineapple, 2 apples and half a bag of spinach.- but you can use what ever you want) I was so proud I haven't had a soda in so long, yesterday I actually got sick off a Dr. Pepper. AWESOME!!!

So last week was our last week of all day everyday training. Now I'm still in training (and will be for the next 10 months) but at least I'm in my office and at my desk listening to music :). It's always stressful to learn as much as I feel like we need to, BUT it feels much better to have an office.

I had my niece (blythe) and my nephews (tucker, and Micah) for this past weekend. I am so grateful for there little spirits. We went to Bridal Veil falls and then to pizza and a movie (kong fu panda) and then we rented hours of vegi-tales (Lord of the Beans!!) We were up till all hours and had a blast... I seriously love those kids. It's hard to give them back... especially knowing I'm not going to have time for at least a month to see them again. BUG.

BIG NEWS** I have developed a Crush. Ok so I know thats not big, but the best part is that he's not the cutest guy but he is so nice and thinks the world of me for reasons that I think are awesome. He notices stuff like me sitting by lonely people at church, being early- I actually was so up front with him... I told him I was not interested if he was not interested in getting married, and I am not going to be playing games. Disclaimer: even if it doesn't work- at least I have a little faith restored and I know there are still guys out there... and that I have a chance at getting married and being happy... forever... with someone worthy... some thing I had given up on after the nasty B word.

I'm just happy.. moving right along... I got another calling. I am Employment and Education Co Chair for the ward. My ward does something so cool. Tues, wed and Thurs the family wards can bring there kids to the church and the singles tutor them. I have just inherited that program. My Chair is the Study Body Pres at UVU... so I'm a little nervous about that... he's very... whats the word... "popular" We'll see how it goes: I'm sure it will be perfect.

I just feel very protected and loved. I feel like I can breath and smile. It's a good life.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Really Quick- and not to be Sac-reglious

These are the things I noticed I have a testimony of... this last week especially!!!!
1. THE fair!!!!! I love it! I love the energy, I love the people, I love the freakishly huge vegetable's and the raunchy cow pen's.
2. The rodeo!!! Every one knows how harsh I can be on America, and some of the politics involved here. I love the rodeo! It's a classic American tradition that literally brings tears to my eyes. I love the idea of what America is all about and I love that I can be harsh and think the way I do... that's what makes us American and that's what I'm so grateful for!!!!
God Bless America!
3. Coconut Oil. My Sister introduced me to coconut oil. I was on all kinds of Acne medicine and spending all kinds of money on cremes and oral medicines, Dermatologist just to be upset that none were working. Coconut oil on my face has taken care of it all. I do it at morning and night... but it is AMAZING. Imagine that- Heavenly Father putting the solution on the earth so I can fix it my self.
4. Shower Curtains- because of my flood My shower curtain was ruined... I have been back in my apt and have not had one... I don't think we understand just how much a shower curtain does for us.... I am so grateful!
Just a few things I've found I adore...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Weekend- San Jorge (spanish accent)

Presenting... Tuacon!!!