Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wed Day One more day and the Week is over!

I'm so excited to be done with this week! I am just going to write a short little update about the apt and work and everything else...
1. I have an "assignment." - does everyone know that when you get an assignment in the church the bishop does not have to be the person to ask you... It was so Awkward, but a guy in my ward "called" me to the position.
2. I am not going to be back in my apt for at least another week!!! I have been so upset about it. I just need some where to live. I have been staying on the floor of the people that live up stairs and they are getting married on Friday... Which means I see allot of Kissing (gag!)
3. At work we had our first big assessment. I thought I did pretty well... 89 % of working at full capacity. (training takes a full yr and its only been 3 weeks).. so that's good.
4. I love that you can put music on our blogs. it has saved my life during the endless hours of study at work.
5. I asked Anna if she would do a musical number with me. I think it would be so cool if my sisters did it too... Well shall see.
6. Les Miserables is only 1 weekend away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I have become addicted to the show 24. How did I ever live with out it? I want to marry Jack.
PS. this post is Speel Checked... See anna I do love you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ahhh... the life!

Another day in the life of Cherylita.
I have been sleeping out in Saratoga Springs this week while I am waiting for my apt. to get fixed. I say sleeping because literally that's all I'm doing these days when I'm not at work or studying for work. We are finally over the anital parts of learning the computer basics and now are studying the law and policy... MY ONE TRUE LOVE! Application of law and sub sections and codes... LOVE IT!
So... My ward in Provo has been amazing! They helped me move and they sit by me at institute and different activities. It has been so awesome! I have been very well taken care of by my new ward familia. Last night this totally rock'n guy called and asked me to hang out! It was my first unofficial/ ward hang out (and he's totally a great guy) so I was jazzed! I went to bed (I'm hitting the hay around 8:30 these days) so I didn't get to go, BUT I was very excited he called. HOW NICE of them to remember me.
I'm going to out line my day just in case you guys wondered...
5:00 Wakey Wakey! Shower, smoothie making, dressed make up, scriptures, etc.
6:45 Out the Door!
7:00 The real fun starts Policy study!
9:30 am first 15 min break
9:15 More Policy!!!
11:00 Lunch
12:00 More Policy!
3:00 Go to job shadow/ case working!
6:00 off work
6:45 The gym
7:45 Home/ Dinner
8:15 talk for about 15 min
8:30 read a chp of twilight #4!!!
8:45-9:00 Sleepy Sleepy
(Start all over)
So if some one doesn't get a call or doesn't understand why I can't do something... Now you understand!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Party Utah Style!

My friend crystal works for the Church's Insurance/ Investing department. They had a company day at Lagoon, the tickets were 8 $. I took my niece Sky... I had alot of FUN (look at that face)

This Is Sky, Crystal, and Matt. Matt and I were close in Cedar City and he is leaving to dental school next week (I'm so excited For him...) So I hooked him and my other friends crystal up... Matt Said it's true love!!!
You can see Matt and Crystal in front of us on the little Air chair thing... (I don't know what it's calleD)
They were so funny... It worked and was a ton of fun... But as everyone knows I love Awkward situations-

Sky is SOSOSO cute...

I learned that I'm not 16 anymore and I'm very scared of rides. My body hurt so bad! Then while we were a lagoon I got a call that my APT FLOODED AGAIN (more pics to follow)!!! UG twice in one week!

Then after we took SKY home we we dancing at the SLC institute... SO FUN! I hadn't been dancing forever and remembered that I love it!

Sunday I hung out with my friend Erika Casamolwapa. She was one of my best friends in High School, she now has 3 kids and her husband is starting MEd School at the U. It was so fun to see her and spend the day with her!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hansome MR.

My sister in Law's Sister (Emily Waite) took this pic... It's my Brother and his wife anna... I think it's so HOT. Seriously one of the best pictures I've seen of him ever!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rainbow after the storm

So if any one knows anything about plumbing this picture should ring a bell of warning... Pipes should be connected to Valves... and if they aren't you get a Geyser.

So what is this you ask?

This is my bathroom sink!
***Which means... I have a flood.
Here's a view of the whole problem so you get a better idea... (isn't my sink SO cute!)

These would be the wholes in the wall that the clean up crew drilled in order to suck the water out of the wall... and that is all over the apt... my poor landlord... I was the first tenant after they revamp the apartment.

This is an example of how my possessions are kept in my lovely living room.

Other than the water...

Work is nuts... they have me training in Spanish... which is crazy... think of all the law and policy and then think of how many words you don't know in English and then change the language. And the put a time limit on the cases and like 4 advanced computer programs where you literally need a code or pass word for every screen. ITS CRAZY. The people around here keep saying it gets better... Shoulder to the wheel...

My ward is still amazing! I was so nervous, and dreading getting in another singles ward but it seriously is the best ever. My bishop went to Vietnam and always has some pretty colorful analogies on hand. I feel like it's a California ward, people are so friendly- the church is true again!!!


****Yesterday my Apt flooded! Like I don't have enough going on already! I walked in from working out after work and heard something... then I walked to the bathroom to literally find a geyser of water shooting out under the sink! I got hold of Jerry and learned how to turn off the water... I had a good 2 inch of water and it had seeped into the bedroom hall wall storage... basically everywhere...

so right as I am in the middle of the madness I see two girls out side my door and they inform me they are from the wards welcome committee. They wanted to get to know me (which i think is awesome) so I told them we'd have to reschedule (as I standing there completely soaking wet) So obviously they noticed something was up and got right on it... Before I knew it there were 10 people form my ward over and all my stuff was moved out of the apt and when my landlord got there we were ready for drying out. How awesome is that?

Some times I feel so alone in this world, especially in a new town, new job, new ward. It's easy to forget just how much Heavenly Father is involved in our everyday lives... I just keep saying to my self rain before the rainbow.

It's going to be 5 day before I can get back in the apt. They had to drill wholes in the walls and drain the walls of the water and dry out the whole structure which is the big hold up.

I'm staying with my house mate who lives up stairs from me. She's getting married in a couple weeks so she's all about asking temple questions and freaking out with stress too...

**In Spanish we say "Valle la paina" in English it translates to "value the pain" but the meaning is interpreted "endure to the end"... I think that translation is very telling... I'm grateful for the pain. I feel like my heavenly father knows exactly whats going on- life could be allot worse...

I'm grateful for the truth, it's times like these in my life when I can't imagine life with out it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thrilled to the BONE!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! In a couple weeks!!! My llife is going to be changed for ever!

So hot!
Happy Sunday! I'm not looking too shabby... I don't know what my lips are doing... But its cute... (Don't get too attached to the hair, I have a cut planned on friday!)