Monday, August 17, 2009

OK, so this is Holly. (I know, really I do have 2 close Friends named Holly and it's a trip!
We like BOYS. Actually thats all we talk about (kinda) is boys and getting married. I hooked us up on Hot dates and we (holly and I ) ended up having the time of our lives... it was so fun! We went to the county fair and one thing you gotta love about HOlly is she is ALWAYs taking pictures.
Ahhh cute... thats me... weird angel and double chin... but me none the less. The picture above, you can't see it but the goat was eating my hair... and I was screaming... it was really gross. REALLY gross.
We Sat by the Cows,
and that was really really gross too... I had one flip flops and for some reason forgot what a fair was all about... GROSS!!!

I got my toes done for the date... Yep gel toes... apparently they last 2 months (See I'm totally a nail girl... lol ) but they turned out so cute!!!

Even more to come... But it's a start.

I took my nephews shopping! David got shoes (really cool ones he's wearing in the pic), Tucker got 2 fishes (I don't know when I'm going to learn that they don't live)... as a matter of fact... the guy at pet smart looked at Tucker and would not sale us a fish... so we had to go to wall mart. I was kinda mad at the pet smart guy, but then it just made me laugh. You can see there was a bunch of candy purchased, I have learned in my many aunt yeaars that you can't forget the ones left at home, and Micah was so good! He let the day be about David which I thought waws really awesome of him. Brig went with us this day but slept in the car...

OK SO if you don't know what this is... BOX ELDER BEETLEs! and they are everywhere!!! I HATE THEM. One day I gave up the nice act and stabbed them with a pen. They literally are everywhere. I was hoping if I tortured one he would go back and tell his buddies not to mess with the BIG C. But it didn't work and we are stuck with bug carcuses... Oh the joys of northern utah.

My Sweet perfect angel nephew Jason went to the MTC. Before then there was plenty of good times...

He is so freaken CUTE. Like on of those "gosh dang if you weren't related to me..." Handsome. AND he's like amazingly spiritual. Like on FIre amazing.
Man i wish i had such a cool auntie.

My roommate Malorie. She has lost wieght too.... and looks fab.

Althought this pic was taken like 4 yrs ago... I thought why not post it? So here are the padres in San Fran.

If you know Cheryl you know that she's always at the lake if she can be... It is especially beautiful right now.
A little piece of Heaven given to us.

Oh Cher!

So with everything going on I snuck pictures of me!!! I have many more pictures out there of whats been happening. However this is the one that I have readily available. I will do the whole down load and update the blog thing sometime. Mean while enjoy this HOT shots... lol