Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday wants

BY the Way, my birthday is coming up....

Jack Johnson CD is a must have- mine is gone MUST BE REPLACED.
- Laren Hill
- Ricky Martin (spanish Only he sounds dumb in English)

Pillows... I never have enough and I have 4. I think like 10 will do.

Tickets to Les Mes. in Tuacon (St george)

OH****** I need help. I have a Canopy Bed and i can not figure out what to do with it as Far as the Canopy goes. I have a Sage Green and gold Bed spread and I was thinking Brick red Pillows but I have no Idea about the top of that bed... HELP.


Sassy Sis--Saundra said...

Wahoo! Your Mama must be proud! You should look at the cheap sheets Wal-mart. Dark red or chocolate brown might be pretty.I said say white for an airy feel. You should post a pic. of your bedding.

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Did you get Mira's link to her stamp it up blog?

Sassy Sis--Saundra said...

When is your B-day?