Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October- No way!

Happy Holidays... already? Seriously doesn't it seem like once Halloween comes everything else flys by! I remember "old" people saying that when I was growing up- and now I am on the other side of that saying. WEIRD.

So a couple things have gone down since the last writing... I'll spare all the uncanny details (really no one wants to know) But there were a few high lights I think could be enjoyed...

1) I got my first full body massage (and now get them regularly) and my first adjustment by a chiropractor... K so the day of I was hating life... (I didn't drink any water) but the day after I never felt better. massage therapist = so amazing direct ticket to Celestial kingdom.

2) I was kinda dating a guy: I really liked him... and he broke it off. So now I'm dating many... but Sad! I just want to settle down. The Irony. Before when i had missions to serve and degrees to get guys wanted to get serious... now that I'm ready (and have killer insurance) guys just want to play... (Alanis MOrset has it all right... "isn't it Ironic")

3) Holidays are coming up... which means lots of time with my family... Who I'm so grateful for... I just really don't fit in... I don't have kids, don't make bread, and I'm not going to lie allot of times feel like a total outsider. I've chalked it up as a part of life, but the holidays are always a hard time for me.

4) I've made Friends in my ward... and we HIKE. SO awesome! I forgot what was out there... Our latest and greatest location... HOT SPRINGS. We found some (I don't say where) with cascading water falls and varing degrees of water temperature. Amazing. Last weekend we went half way up Timp... But up the back side so the view was literally breath taking. At one point I was in tears. So Amazing.

5) I'm over a tutoring/esl program for my stake. Every Tuesday night a few valiant souls tutor the kids in the stake and there is an ESL class going on at the same time. Allot of the kids are Spanish speakers- I'm not going to lie... special spot in my corazon for those angels... I look forward to my Tuesday nights although some people in my ward aren't as passionate as I am... (everyone has there thing to be passionate about) but some times college kids are flaky.
Alright back to work... which is a whole other subject... All I can say is my opinion of the welfare system has done a 90 degree change- holy moses.
Have a good day!!! Love you all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I tag... Virgy Poo, Lins Wiiiintch, Christina "the Nail girl" Smith, Wendy Bertagnole, and LYnnn my Dear Sista.

Tag... Blog style.

My friend, Saundra,tagged me, so now I have to share 6 quirky things about myself.

1. If I could I would have one shampoo and conditioner for every day of the week labeled. I would also have different tooth brushes and paste for every day along with my closet organized by season and color and then my kitchen/ fridge organized either alphabetically or by dish. I TOTALLY have OCDC tendencies, but have been lucky enough to ID them and hopefully move in a healthier direction.

2. I can just stop feeling. It's the weirdest thing. If I decide to I can just be over something and move on. Allot of people ask me "aren't you mad" or what ever- no I seriously can just get over it- and move on. Some people are offended... I have had friends that have wronged me and I just move on. I don't feel the need for restitution, I can just say "that's you, this is me" and I'm fine never talking to someone again.

3. I basically call every one I know and love Hermana. Before my mission I called everyone "dude" But since my mission it's been Hermana. I like it cause it helps me remember we are all sisters and I get excited to think of my BFF's I get to be sisters with too... (you know who you are- shout out!)

4. I HATE t-shirts with the crew neck!!! It was probably one of the better days in my life when i found this out. They are so constrictive and closed in... I HATE THEM!!!! all of my t- shirts have the neck cut out and the sleeves cut to Cap length. I don't know why- but I can't stand them!

5. I am really bad at first impressions. I'm bad at giving them, and I'm bad at taking them. Usually I decide very early on that I don't "like" the person and I'm not going to be their friend... This has proven FALSE with all of my best friends- I hated them all... and vise versa... I usually decide I'm going to like a person and end up not getting along with them. This has proven time and time again with people I date, or girl I chose to go to lunch with from work. Usually the people I chose are so Bland and have very little spice to life... and then there are the people that just naturally we become best friends and they are heavenly sent! Either way- my first impressions are about 100% wrong.
6. I am probably one of the most intolerant/ inpatient people you have ever met. I know... all of you are thinking... "no way- she's awesome, she loves multi cultures and is great with kids" When it comes to people being "intolerant" "judgemental" or "rude" I'm so out of there, I have ZERO patience for people.
I'm a huge fan of capital punishment. 3 strikes your out... etc.
I don't want those people in my life so I'd rather not deal with it. Bullys are another one of those... People who have to Bully some one into something... I have such a strong tendency to do that, and hopefully I'm over coming it. I feel that because I struggle with it, I know it's possible to get over.
Life is too short to deal with that Crap.
So there you have it... MY 6 quarky things...