Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Another day in the life... let me just explain.

Wakey wake off to work, start cup one of hot coco (that's to Lamar my Momita at work I have Stephens mint!!!) I usually get in to the office to find messages from all my friends on my phone. Probably about 5 each morning. Each person on the other side of the message having their own emergencies to which I am the savior... (in their eyes).

After I address the messages and search all the programs working with the cases, I usually need another cup of coco. This time extra Chocolate. With my fresh cup of coco, I am ready to face my case load. I pull up my "alert" page. "Alerts" are the tasks that have to be completed to maintain my cases. They are auto- sent from out computer programs and are the things that have to be completed on my cases. At any time a state work has various pages of alerts, I at this point have 6 pages. These alerts could include anything from Reviews, to new Applications, and minor things like verifications that have been turned in.

Fast forward to lunch... about 1 pm or when ever I can get away from "changing lives." LUNCH. Juli is one of my Closest friends at work. Lunch with Juli is a MUST. She recently got a bag of Tamales and that has been our alimentation the last little while. (love them)

Then back to the office. By this time my shoes are long gone, and I have pulled a chair under my desk to put my feet up and I'm on cup 6 of coco... Don't forget the Im's along the way. Shawn is another of Cher's BFF in the DWS world. We Im like no other. My head Phones, with some great tunes are also necessary to my survival.

About 5:30 rolls around and I'm either finishing up case work, or way too far into case work to be able to leave. Hopefully, I'm heading home for the day with a brief run over to the GYM. (We heart curves.) Every day of the week I have some sort of Church activity going on. LITERALLY EVERY NIGHT. So the rush after the gym, to change and get to the activity, then I get to go home. Usually around 8:30 - 9 at night.

Seriously, that's life. Morning, everything starts all over. The weekend are usually packed with dates, or some sort of social gathering... like non stop. I also have been going to the Chiropractor every other Friday, and getting full body massages. I also have been going to the Dermatologist- I AM STARTING ACUTANE TODAY. I have pledged not to get prego, and done the blood testing... I'm ready to go.

So not that life to busy, of too difficult. Just that there is allot of stuff that needs to be done, it seems like it is ever part of the day I have things pulling at my time. ONE TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE, I AM DATING!!!! (A tone none the less). Life in Provo has been such an answer to many many prayers.

Busy, and stressed, torn between different things to do all the time, BUT DANG HAPPY. NOT only happy but becoming who I should be. Can't really complain about whats right.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love my life!

It was suck a good weekend.

Thursday, which equals Friday at Cheryl's job but so incredibly stressful that when Thursday night hit instead of the normal routine: gym, institute, movies with a guy in the ward... I sat on my couch. Just sat. No TV no food nothing. My sister Ceri and I were on the phone and I had to stop talking to her cause I was going to rip her head off for no reason at all...

With this being said... I was in direr need of a good weekend. I ended up starring at the ceiling until like 4 am that night... BLAH. Apparently some one needs better stress management skills.

So Friday rolls allot and I did the normal, run around shop for food, I cooked dinner for the next month and froze it all. I had made a few plans... for Halloween... BUT
Then the night after I had a really good blind date...
Then Church went well, and played fun games all night...
Now work... the week starts all over again.