Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Happy!

So this week has been really nice. Alot less stressfull!!!
I went to the provo temple and did some inititories... It made all the difference. I think I re-found the key to success... It was an awesome expereince. I went with a co worker of mine and I'm not going to lie- I was worried that it would be very non-personal. We went and there were so many people there to do ordinaces. I have never seen a temple so packed (Like 20 people waiting for endowments) So I was worried. BUT I got in there and it was very spiritual, and I'm really glad we decided to go. Very Glad.
I had my misconceptions of living in "Happy Valley" But it's been one of the best things for me. Life is going really well right now.
I have become really close to a lady I work with. She was actually my mentor, and now we're just buds. I really respect her, (she's my parents age!!) but we have a good time. I feel like she brings a perspective to my life I couldn't get anywhere else. She Has a son that is 29 and we have fun too... i don't know if I was "sent" to provo because of her, but I do know that I am a better person because she has taken me under her wing... If I could be half the woman I'd be in a good spot. Moment of Silence for Lamar please...
JOSH HAD JAW SURGERY... My poor nephew it was not fun.
It actually was really Aweful. Like really really aweful. My poor sister sat threw it with him, I didn't get up to there place until like a day and half later... but man o man. I felt for the kid. He couldn't eat anything... his jaw was wired shut. I was really really scared he was going to choak on something, so I treid to be glued to him as much as I could. I still am not the best at medical "Issues" I don't have the stomack for it. He is in high spirits now and doing well. I heart Joshy.
Valentines Day! My roommate made us yummy's and it was a success.
I went to a wedding of my other really close work friend... (pic's to come) so I had to rush feed the food to my self.

AFTER the wedding I went home and vegged a little bit, then off I went to the Dance club with Rubien... (the son of my BFF at work). We went Latin dancing and the night went well into the morning. I had a BLAST and adore the heck out of that Kid. It surely was a happy valentines day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Class is in session...

I started my Prep Course last night at BYU law school. It's not the law school just prep courses...

AND let me tell you what... I'm going to TEAR IT UP!!! I will look like this when I'm done... But I must say that I enjoy the class. I get to do all the logic problems I want AND I get to argue with people and be as crazy as I want as long as my arguements are structured correctly. LOVE IT. Let US PRAY FOR DUKE!!! (thats the goal)