Monday, September 8, 2008

Really Quick- and not to be Sac-reglious

These are the things I noticed I have a testimony of... this last week especially!!!!
1. THE fair!!!!! I love it! I love the energy, I love the people, I love the freakishly huge vegetable's and the raunchy cow pen's.
2. The rodeo!!! Every one knows how harsh I can be on America, and some of the politics involved here. I love the rodeo! It's a classic American tradition that literally brings tears to my eyes. I love the idea of what America is all about and I love that I can be harsh and think the way I do... that's what makes us American and that's what I'm so grateful for!!!!
God Bless America!
3. Coconut Oil. My Sister introduced me to coconut oil. I was on all kinds of Acne medicine and spending all kinds of money on cremes and oral medicines, Dermatologist just to be upset that none were working. Coconut oil on my face has taken care of it all. I do it at morning and night... but it is AMAZING. Imagine that- Heavenly Father putting the solution on the earth so I can fix it my self.
4. Shower Curtains- because of my flood My shower curtain was ruined... I have been back in my apt and have not had one... I don't think we understand just how much a shower curtain does for us.... I am so grateful!
Just a few things I've found I adore...


Landy said...

Coconut Oil? Really? That's awesome. Where can you buy it? At Walmart? Where?

Ashley said...

What?! It's about time you tell me you have a blog! You are too funny! I'm gonna enjoy reading your blog... lol Love ya!