Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little bit of Update...

Here's just a little bit of whats been going on, I'll post more, I ran out of time at work :) Love you all!

So it feels like it has been FOREVER since my last post. I don’t know how you bloggers do it. I can’t handle working full time and being in a full time relationship- it’s crazy around here. Lets do a run down…

Augusto_ Derrek got a new car! Horay! It’s quite the car, and lets just say wonder oman would be in HEAVEN. It was the pace car to the track he works at, (and if any of you are like me and don’t know what that means it was the car that lead the races). He won the right to buy it at work ( I know it sounds funny but it was a Killer Deal only having 20k miles and all pretty looking, plus it’s some what of a collectors Item)

I moved to SLC. Most of you already know this, but I moved in with my little brother just off I 15 and 45th. Derrek lives on 21st and I 80 (or so) so literally we are 2 exits apart. Very different than the 45 min apart, and let me say for the record that I LOVE it! I love being in the City, I love being close to the Big D, I love my new apartment.

Derrek got his cast off! Horay! However, It seems like it would be better for me it he still had the cast. I often get playing around and totally forget that it’s still an ouchie. Totally ouchie.

I started in a new office, which has been great.

In Spetember I was able to start the month off with a Trip to Ohio for my Birthday. Talk about party and a ½. My Sister Lyn had Twins a few months ago, and I have been dieing to get my hands on those babies. Boy were they get to get a hold of! They are so dang cute! Hats off to my sister and brother in law who sleep very little. I have become very use to my life with out kids and have found that I love the quiet. I’m not quiet ready for 5 kids 2 of which being twins under the age of 2 months.

My other Sister (Ceri) had moved to Ohio over the summer and I missed them a lot. They were also in Cincinatti and it was quiet the party when I got to see all the kids together. 8 Kids under 8, WOW. That lady… Goslin something, no matter how crazy gets points in my book for simply Living under the same roof. It’s completely nuts.

So I got Home from Ohio to have my Boy greet me at the airport. I finally got out of him My birthday surprises… a New BED! Yes a bed. And Lion king Tickets, and a new Phone, did I forget to say I went to the John Mayer Concert the night before I left.

Let me just write some oh so grateful things really fast:

1 I am oh so grateful for, my dad's foam pads he let me barrow. They were awesome while I was waiting to figure out the bed thing.
2 My brother. HE fixed my toliet one day and he actually is really great to live with.
3 The missionaries drooling over Derrek's car when I went out to get something from it. I miss my mission boys alot, so seeing them some how made me feel closer to my studs for a brief moment.
4 a place in Ohio called Mejier. It is awesome- 5$ shoes... that are cute!!! HOLLAR
5 I can't help it... I am grateful for my boy. He is my Cheese to a cheese burger. I am so much better with him around.