Sunday, November 21, 2010

A long awaited update...

So many posts that I read start with what I'm going to say... I haven't written in a LONG time. Oh the life of a busy single girl in a new city.
Lets start with Some happy Thoughts: haven't done that in a while. Lets start with my top 5 oh so happy things of the evening:
#1 Bright Pink Nail polish in the winter. I almost makes you warmer just looking at it and wearing it. Let us remember: Once a Cali girl ALWAYS a Cali girl.
#2 Peaches in Strawberry Banana juice. YUM. What a delightful treat.
#3 DI. I have found some SMOKING deals at DI this past week. Man are they Smoking. I love it, love them. True source of Love.
#4 Jelly Bellies... I love that you can guess the flavor, Makes for some classic entertainment.
#5 The lesson in Sunday school today. It was AWESOME. It's been a while since I've been to a Sunday school class that has rocked my socks. It was such a great lesson. It was about the Book of Mormon being the Key Stone of our religion and Lives. I love pondering the simple things of the Gospel. So simple but yet Amazing profound. Everything I have and know are based on the fact that that Book is true. It is truly the word of God for our lives.
While in the class I thought alot about Nashville and the people I taught there. It was amazing the simple truth that was taught in the Book of Mormon that would literally change the entire life of those I taught and met with. I remember being younger and reading scriptures with my family. As number 8 of a family of 9 children getting us all to read scriptures was no small thing. My poor parents. HOWEVER. we generally read the scriptures daily, and if we didn't read them they were always a source of discussion.
How grateful I am for the scriptures being the key stone of my life. I realize that every time I have had any question I have always turned to the Book of Mormon. Life gets crazy? Seems like every the familiar feeling of home is found in those pages. I am grateful that my family has also adopted the familiar feelings of truth. WHAT A BLESSING.
I feel like my life right now is one big Question Mark. Where will I be in a year, Will i still be just Cheryl, will I have a job... blah blah blah. With all the questions in the world there is one that will always stand whole and true, it is My relationship with my Savior and the reality that he lives.

Oh so grateful.