Sunday, November 21, 2010

A long awaited update...

So many posts that I read start with what I'm going to say... I haven't written in a LONG time. Oh the life of a busy single girl in a new city.
Lets start with Some happy Thoughts: haven't done that in a while. Lets start with my top 5 oh so happy things of the evening:
#1 Bright Pink Nail polish in the winter. I almost makes you warmer just looking at it and wearing it. Let us remember: Once a Cali girl ALWAYS a Cali girl.
#2 Peaches in Strawberry Banana juice. YUM. What a delightful treat.
#3 DI. I have found some SMOKING deals at DI this past week. Man are they Smoking. I love it, love them. True source of Love.
#4 Jelly Bellies... I love that you can guess the flavor, Makes for some classic entertainment.
#5 The lesson in Sunday school today. It was AWESOME. It's been a while since I've been to a Sunday school class that has rocked my socks. It was such a great lesson. It was about the Book of Mormon being the Key Stone of our religion and Lives. I love pondering the simple things of the Gospel. So simple but yet Amazing profound. Everything I have and know are based on the fact that that Book is true. It is truly the word of God for our lives.
While in the class I thought alot about Nashville and the people I taught there. It was amazing the simple truth that was taught in the Book of Mormon that would literally change the entire life of those I taught and met with. I remember being younger and reading scriptures with my family. As number 8 of a family of 9 children getting us all to read scriptures was no small thing. My poor parents. HOWEVER. we generally read the scriptures daily, and if we didn't read them they were always a source of discussion.
How grateful I am for the scriptures being the key stone of my life. I realize that every time I have had any question I have always turned to the Book of Mormon. Life gets crazy? Seems like every the familiar feeling of home is found in those pages. I am grateful that my family has also adopted the familiar feelings of truth. WHAT A BLESSING.
I feel like my life right now is one big Question Mark. Where will I be in a year, Will i still be just Cheryl, will I have a job... blah blah blah. With all the questions in the world there is one that will always stand whole and true, it is My relationship with my Savior and the reality that he lives.

Oh so grateful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little bit of Update...

Here's just a little bit of whats been going on, I'll post more, I ran out of time at work :) Love you all!

So it feels like it has been FOREVER since my last post. I don’t know how you bloggers do it. I can’t handle working full time and being in a full time relationship- it’s crazy around here. Lets do a run down…

Augusto_ Derrek got a new car! Horay! It’s quite the car, and lets just say wonder oman would be in HEAVEN. It was the pace car to the track he works at, (and if any of you are like me and don’t know what that means it was the car that lead the races). He won the right to buy it at work ( I know it sounds funny but it was a Killer Deal only having 20k miles and all pretty looking, plus it’s some what of a collectors Item)

I moved to SLC. Most of you already know this, but I moved in with my little brother just off I 15 and 45th. Derrek lives on 21st and I 80 (or so) so literally we are 2 exits apart. Very different than the 45 min apart, and let me say for the record that I LOVE it! I love being in the City, I love being close to the Big D, I love my new apartment.

Derrek got his cast off! Horay! However, It seems like it would be better for me it he still had the cast. I often get playing around and totally forget that it’s still an ouchie. Totally ouchie.

I started in a new office, which has been great.

In Spetember I was able to start the month off with a Trip to Ohio for my Birthday. Talk about party and a ½. My Sister Lyn had Twins a few months ago, and I have been dieing to get my hands on those babies. Boy were they get to get a hold of! They are so dang cute! Hats off to my sister and brother in law who sleep very little. I have become very use to my life with out kids and have found that I love the quiet. I’m not quiet ready for 5 kids 2 of which being twins under the age of 2 months.

My other Sister (Ceri) had moved to Ohio over the summer and I missed them a lot. They were also in Cincinatti and it was quiet the party when I got to see all the kids together. 8 Kids under 8, WOW. That lady… Goslin something, no matter how crazy gets points in my book for simply Living under the same roof. It’s completely nuts.

So I got Home from Ohio to have my Boy greet me at the airport. I finally got out of him My birthday surprises… a New BED! Yes a bed. And Lion king Tickets, and a new Phone, did I forget to say I went to the John Mayer Concert the night before I left.

Let me just write some oh so grateful things really fast:

1 I am oh so grateful for, my dad's foam pads he let me barrow. They were awesome while I was waiting to figure out the bed thing.
2 My brother. HE fixed my toliet one day and he actually is really great to live with.
3 The missionaries drooling over Derrek's car when I went out to get something from it. I miss my mission boys alot, so seeing them some how made me feel closer to my studs for a brief moment.
4 a place in Ohio called Mejier. It is awesome- 5$ shoes... that are cute!!! HOLLAR
5 I can't help it... I am grateful for my boy. He is my Cheese to a cheese burger. I am so much better with him around.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look but no touchy...

This is Him, in all his glory. My main squeeze and a dang cute little girl. He still gives me chills when we kiss: I've got it bad for this one. Heaven sent my Derrek!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The life...

So I love these emails. I more wanted to put them on a blog so I would have record of them. What are they you ask? Well, Joshy my dear nephew, got a package from his Aunty. This is his response to the package. It made me giggle, and in fact it was a reminder that he's still Joshy... and rock star at that.

"loved it all. I acted out a nephite lamanite battle for comp study with the army men.
I got all three elders with the whoopy cushion. I'm wearing the shorts and shirt. I shot the noise balloons at the other companions last night after lights out and made them scream like girls. Great package. Thank you. Plus I have eaten a few of the ramen packages and plan to eat one in an hour.

I do like the ties alot. Elder Good actually made fun of the pink tie. and then i pulled out my other 7 pink ties and he felt kinda lame. he's all "ohhh.... your one of those pink dudes" like it was supposed to be an insult. I'm like "yeah man, that is where it is at and don't you forget it."

Isn't that great? I love it. The next best thing would be getting pictures... Something is wrong with Boy missionaries. We get like NO pictures. LAME.


This last weekend was the extended Butler Family reunion. The Butlers (William Ray) was in charge of the reunion this year. It's been fun for me to get re-acquainted with the cousins that I never knew. Interesting to say the least. There are pictures on Face book of the activity, so super fun. Derrek's family had baptisms that day so I didn't think he'd be able to make it since the baptisms were in South Jordan and the reunion in Spring Lake.

HOWEVER, I was sitting talking to my mom, and I see this car the kids are nailing with water balloons. I was making fun of it, then I realize it's my boyfriend. He drove right in the middle of a hornets nest of water balloons. Pretty fun, and awesome surprise. Again, how did I get so lucky?

MY FAmily ROCks. I was reminded of this. Derrek and I had so much to do. Friday I went and picked him up from work so we could get his Drivers license, after that we hit up the bank before the weekend, then I got a text mom and dad, ted and mike were all meeting for dinner. So we met up for dinner. Derrek and I had gotten horribly sick from that buffet before so we watched while others ate. Mom and Dad ran into old family friends- the Dennis's- they lived in Bakersfield long ago, and are now living in Kaysville, ut. They sat and ate dinner- fun to see my parents excited to see old Friends and fun to hear the stories.

After dinner Derrek and I got him packed up, and also grabbed all the stuff we needed and headed out to my parents house. We got out there at 10 pm (holy) and ended up with alot to do. Mike and my dad was All over it.

Mike and dad made Pink and blue rice crispy treats, I topped them off with sprinkles, Derrek helped with the Butler Reunion Sign, and helped me glue the huge pictures of the ansectors on poster boards for different games I wanted to do like- pin the hair on the ancestor.

After all the hard work, we Heated up some poppers, chips and dip and we played our selves some Farkle Until about 1 am.

Gosh Dang how on earth did I get so dang LUCKY.


#1 Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm very grateful for the sugar free drink so I can partake with out worrying about the Yeast issues.

#2 Aloe. Thank you Earth. Between tanning, and Kayaking Aloe= Awesome.

#3 Food coloring. We got some for the rice crispy treats Derrek needed for the baptism. So of course we had green lemon bars, and I'm so excited about the colorful opportunities that maybe at hand.

#4 Wipe off markers. In our house we use the white board wipe off markers to write notes for each other. The mirrors work perfectly. It's always fun to find notes in the rest room mirrors, etc. I love me My MAL.

#5 Red Box. How's that for easy and cheap when it comes to date night? Saturday night we enjoyed 2 movies for 2 dollars. Shout OUT. Can't compare when the theatre tickets are like 17.50$ for the 2 of us. Screw that! "lets just wait for reb box"

Life= awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Life is good!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Doesn't happen very often, so are you ready? I'm bored at work. Can you believe it?

One more day of the week, one more...

Lets start with graditude.

#1 My fun/ cute new under shirts with lace on the bottom. I love love them.

#2 My date night with Zach!!! I got to buy the books I've been wanting to read. They are laced with all kinds of war stories, and tragitys, BUT always triumph.

#3 Flat shoes. Comfy! Perfect for work.

#4 Toe nail polish. Fun! I didn't wear it for a couple weeks... took a "break" and when I put it back on I realized how much I love it.

#5 Mal's trash. She was going to throw out like 2 bags of clothes. Turns out some of them totally work as work clothes ( I truly don't care what I look like at work but they are cute)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A few Fun Photos of LIfe.

Enough is Enough! I need to take time and be oh- so grateful. My life is so incredibly blessed that I am going to chose to take a couple free minutes and express some serious graditude.

My life is so awesome.

My sisters. My 2 sisters who live in Ohio (I still think that is so random!) I adore them so much. I need to be better to them. My dear Lindy Loo has had trail after trial in this last little bit. She moved from OK, to Ohio, she had twins 2 weeks before the move. That’s enough to send me over the edge (let alone the birth story). THEN, they couldn’t find a house so her and her 5 kids and hubby are living in a hotel. Her Hubby starts a new job (shout out), and the ac in the hotel goes out! My sister gets a kidney infection and is hospitalized. My other sister takes her 3 kids to the hotel to help with the other 5 kids. That’s a total of 8 Children in 1 hotel room. And I’m not helping anyone cause I’m playing gaga games in Utah (time off work is a whole other issue). Then after all this her little boys eyes start crossing. My niece Abby had eye crossing issues and many surgeries followed the crossing. This is when they lived out in Houston, and I usually made it to the surgeries. Now, being an adult and having a job it pains me that I can’t be there for little Alex. Growing up SUCKS.

What would I do if I had a million dollars? I’d fly to Ohio and watch my sisters babies so she could have a nap. Literally, that’s what I would do. THEN, I would go to my other friends house and help babysit, and then I would go to my other friends house and sit with her while she recovers, THEN I’d fly to Ecuador and give my nephew a big wet kiss (on the cheek-y)… So much to do, and so little resources to do it with.

I have the best boyfriend; so cute, so fun, so just right for me. A year ago today I would not have believed if someone would have told me the greatness I would be in a relationship with. He is a giant, and “wise beyond his years.” We’ve got issues, but I’d say we are a winning team and more than 90% of the time we are apart I just want to be with him. I’d say those are pretty good numbers.

I have such good friends. Seriously good friends. Let’s say Mal in specific and a few other Shout outs. It’s tough when life changes and things are unexpected. Adjustments are hard. I’m grateful for friends who believe and have the faith that I do, it makes changes easier, and the common goal clear. I love them, regaurdless of the time I can invest in them.

Which brings me to my next point. I LOVE LOVE my Long – far away friends. Amanada, Lind’s, Virg. All of whom I need to be better to. Amanda, who just had surgery, Lind’s who just had twins, and Virg who had a baby also. These friends of mine always focus the conversation on me and continually give to me emotionally. It’s like my own fountain of endless support. I love that there are people you can walk away from and not see for literally years, but for some reason when you see each other, it’s like no time passed.

And then, My nephews. My perfect, sweet, angel boys of nephews. They make my Mondays worth living… Jason doesn’t have as much time to email as Josh, and we’ve had some intimate emails that I adore. He is truly being Shaped and formed to what the lord would have him become. It’s fun to watch, but at the same time any one who has been shaped and formed knows its painful and really hard. It’s hard to watch. I can’t imagine how Heavenly Father feels. Horrible, helpless, but excited feeling all at the same time.

All of these would- haves and should haves between the BBq’s with mister perfection and family stuff, and days with the nieces, and and and. Seems like it’s never ending. I sometimes feel so torn with all the should be’s that need to get done. I’m pretty sure it’s pretty normal to feel like that, however doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve ordered a Covey refill to some how soften the blow of craziness. Heaven bless Steven for his awesome invention.

PS. Pictures are to come... Derrek has the camera!