Wednesday, January 28, 2009

East Side!

After many requests I must complete my post for the East Side trip I was able to go on. (ok so only Anna requested it, but you know your all dieing to know how it went.
Let me just explain, I came home to Mountains of case work to do and even now and waiting for an interviewee to call... there may be pauses between the writing (good thing it's a blog huh!)

Day one: Fly into NC, stay in Burlington. Virg's dish washer died as I was flying there and apparently she had a flood. SO I got to see her dear Hubby Juany boy at the airport- not a big deal juan is probably one of my fav peeps, (as long as holly- shout out) We hug and talk and go to bed about 3:30 am NC time. (I'm exhausted!!)

Day two: Virg thinks it's so funny to wake my behind up and go to a Bo sue (sp?) class at her gym. Don't get me wrong... the class rocked, and if I wasn't completely exhausted I probably would not have flipped her off as much as I did (I love you virg)... after forever of being at the gym we stopped by the local TJ max and checked out the sales racks- LOVED IT.
- Virg also stated that he didn't feel comfortable going up to DC. Of course I was disappointed so proceeded to find a rental car... no big deal right? WRONG. Inaugural weekend... there are no cars. I finally found a car like 4 hrs out of DC (who cares) and they didn't take debit cards. SO i didn't get the rental car.
***Dinner that night we had awesome Wings at this southern restaurant where you could chose between 20 flavors and they were awesome!!!***
***We got home from Dinner at 8:00 and we all passed out. Clothes and all. I'm on my bed (which was divine) and john somewhere and holly somewhere else...

Day three: We decided we were going to go up to Virgs papi's house in Virgina (Waynesburo area)... then when it comes down to it... we decide Sunday is better. (Virg had to make quilts for the business)
**Off we go to Chapel Hill: UNC (the law school). At which point I received a tattoo on my face of a tar hill...(UNC pride!) Sherri Dew attending school there and talks about the "Tar Hills" in many of her talks. I LOVE CHAPEL HILL!!! It is so beautiful. After Chapel Hill he headed over to Durham where Duke University is, I really really wanted to see the University Library. The Campus was AMAZING!!! I fell in love! I took pictures, but they are on Virg's camera. I love love love that campus. We returned home and ate some real southern BBQ (amazing). And I passed out again... I really liked sleeping on my vacation.

Day three: Church day! We woke up and got ready for church (virg was pissed she could find the baby's pasafire) But we made it to Sacrament meeting. I looked Hot Sporting my newly found clearance Items. HOT I tell you! After sacrament We got in the car for our 3 hr trip Up to Virg's dads house in Virgina. I stayed at there house after Virgs wedding 7 yrs ago (can you believe its been that long holy, holy) I was as in love with virgina then as I am now. It's so awesome! Virgs family is very welcoming (with a big Turkey dinner- barf); but seriously they are so great it was a very nice Sunday.

Day four: MOnday morning: the best day of the YR: Martin Luther King Jr's Day!!! I slept in, (of course) and then ate some of Virg's granpa's homemade sausage and her dad's biskets and gravy... Yummy yummy. (Kinda like in the mission!!) we got everyone dressed up and headed over to Lexington, and Buena Vista. I LOVE the school Washington Lee, and VMI. They are so cool! There is so much history over there it's insane. We saw President Lee's family crept and went to the museum there. We also stopped by SVU the BYU of the East. It's awesome and beautiful. I love the ball room and main hall, it's a really old finishing school that has allot of history behind it. I was so Fascinated.

After Lexington we headed home where Virgs dad watched the kids and we went to set up a show for virg. (At least talk to the lady who was so nice) She too was a cali native and had fallen in love with the Shanadowa Valley... So we got the show figured out and watched American Idol.
After we got in that night I crashed early again- I had a long day ahead. I think Virg was bummed I like to sleep now.

Day five: Go into Charlottesville Virgina, LOVE IT. We ate Indian and watched the inauguration. I am not going to lie, a little knife was in my tummy I was really wanting to be there. But, the city was awesome, and the University was Amazing. I was Blown away... Seriously seriously love it.

Day six: we drive back to NC from Virg's dad's house. (I hate that his name is "Virg's dad" I don't think parents should be identified by who's parent they are, but I lack an other title.) We stopped and met John for Lunch in Greensborro (Shout out for Jason's Deli) and I said my good bye's to Juan there.
After virg took me to a museum in greensborro where the Sit in happened. 4 college guys who were african american sat on the stools in the restaurant that were reserved for Whites only. I am so fascinated by the civil rights movement. I can't wait for the day when I can focus more time and power on civil rights- until then I guess I'm stuck to museums. it's so motivating to me. I see people like those guys as modern day hero's. Just four guys who had the strength to stand up for what they believed in. I don't even remember there names- but I remember what they did for America and that to me is breath taking.

After the museum it was back to Burlington to fight the suit case/ weight limit. Stuffed everything away, and off to the airport we went. We stopped by the local grocher to pick up some Cheer wine (native soda you can only get in NC, dates back to 1917) and donuts (native to NC also).
I went to check my luggage and I was at 51.5 lbs. The lady said it was ok and hooked me up (or so I thought).
***The flight to Minneapolis was awful*** my music didn't work, and the guy behind me threw up. Every where. I think it was a 6 hr flight. Death to Cheryl.
**the next flight was ok, but I will never fly north west again... North west=CRAPPY.
***I got into the airport at one am (3 am my bodies time) Mike greeted me at the airport... with Dell Taco (the best part of the evening)...
So I am livid, (of course no sleep) and the lady can't find my bags in the computer. At this point I am the biggest mean person ever (mike was laughing at me) I sat on a plane that was a full flight and smelt like Barf for HOurs, literally like 3 hours. **the lady smiles and tell me it will be delivered at my door the next day... PS I have work in a matter of hours, and am super stressed about that (my make up is in that bag and cheryl's skin is not getting better with acutane)

So thats my trip... It was great. You can see the common theme (UNIVERSITIES!!!) I came home and am now enrolled in the Ace pre lsat class. This course is hard core and has a really high law school enrollment rate of students (like insanely high). I will be taking classes on Tuesday, Thursday and a practice class on Sat. They expect 3 hrs of study a day for me to make the June Lsat. MY BEHIND IS OFFICIALLY BEING KICKED. I have a study group of law students as well as a mentor, (all included in tuition). This was suck a huge step for me. HUGE. I have always been pointing my self in this direction, but decided when I was back east that it needs to be done.
Before my vacation I was evaluated at work and given a really good evaluation. Basically I have 6 months more of probation, (means after the 6 months I'm pretty much set for a really long time), and promoted.

It made me feel better about taking on a huge thing like Law School prep. It's just a huge thing, and I really needed to feel committed to the cause. I think as a Mormon girl, I needed to get over the whole... you have to get married to be happy, and I think I'm there. I don't know the answer, i just know it feels right and when I think about it with my head I think there is no way in heck I can do it... But it feels right, and I am very motivated, and just like my mission or any other really big thing that has been the best thing for me... I have always felt super shaky about it. So I don't know- I don't know about a year down the road, but in 4 yrs I'll either be 31 with a law degree or with out, and I decide with. (thank you lin's for the words of advice, ir should I say thank you Bro Jolly... they were good... they made my blog)
Thats it my busy little life just got Insane. Like crazy insane. 4 yrs thats all... (Can you tell I'm still working on the mental thing)

Lova ya'll

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sushi party- Vegitarian Roll for Cheryl (seafood is NASTY)
I made my own roll!!! Ps. I LOVE that Hoodie!!!

GRACIE girl! I found this on my phone,
Everytime I told her to smile she'd lean her
head... So funny. How did we ever live with out
this Child?
**Busy week, but fun week. Got another hair cut, it is awesome.
I had a really great sunday at Church in my new ward. everyone is so nice,
and wonderful. I really like my new place.
**we got our TV hooked up. 100 chanels later, I spend way too much time on that couch... mamma's boys is my fav right now. LOVE IT.
Busy, busy!
Nirth carolina here I come...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pictures likr crazy...

NEW YEARS! it was so fun this year!
drank a red bull and would not stop dancing... I couldn't! I think you can Kinda see that in my eyes. IT WAS SO FUN.

This is mellisa, A friend I've had for a long time!

I think this one is cute... i don't know why... Micah is an ALLSTAR.

this is Halloween spanish ward party. And my girl JULi.

Myah and joe went to sing to older people with me. They were so good! I'm glad I got to share what Christmas is all about for me.

She was so good to them. We had a good time, I'm not going to lie.
Brig and his last game of the season. He wouldn't let me take a pic so i had to sneek...