Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey Look, I'm an AUNTY!
Brett Bootla was born to Troy and Amy on Aug 26th! That's the only picture my brother sent to me so I made it 8*10 size and posted it in my office (the display which is being demonstrated.)

AHHH... can't wait to get my lips and hands on the baby...

My sister is HOT. This is a kinda funny picture... Long story short, my nephew Joseph had a seizure and the EKG found seizure activity after the seizure went down... SCARY. So Joesph had an appointment for an MRI at Primary Children's Hospital. I was recruited as the party activity committee and my main purpose this morning was to have so much fun our little Joe wouldn't sleep in the car (so when they gave him is "kiddie cocktail" he'd actually sleep). Ceri is hot as always, and I am happy to say mission accomplished. I took Gracie to my Friend Erika's house while Ceri and Joe did the testing.
Let me tell you, that is not something I ever want to see again. My sister caring her baby to the hospital... on top of that she shaved his head the night before so he looked like a cancer patient. YUCK. The MRI came back A-OK and Little Joe is just more prone to seizures than other kids, but we thanked our lucky stars (and Heavenly Father) realizing that day could have been a HUGE life changing day in our lives, and turned out Joesph is a super funny DRUNK (he's giggly).

This would be LEO, my latest Boy toy... when I say toy I mean just that. FUN. Colombian, and Italian. Columbia Native, AMAZING SPANISH (he talks and my heart melts), Latin (that's what we have in common) just like I like them.

MY Fiesta De CumpliAnos!

How do you say awesome in Spanish? Oh yeah Dallas! It turned out that my buddy Kirk, Dallas, Erika, me and Leo were the only party animals that night. NONE the less, so so so fun.
These are the only pictures I have of the evening. Dallas showed up in a shirt and tie, I was thinking... "Um have you ever been around Hispanics? They are going to think your immigration and clear out of here" Well, the whole restaurant cleared out... LOL Joking- he actually did well, this is him singing some song in Spanish about making Mayonnaise?? NO birthday present needed, just Dallas in a Spanish Karaoke restaurant singing in Spanish.
The second photo is him doing the mayonnaise dance??? I couldn't control my laughter. He OWNED the mayonnaise dance.
Special thanks to Erika! She gave me my only birthday present of this year... Tommy girl perfume. I'm officially past the body spray stage and on to perfume. LOVE IT (mostly because it came from a dear friend who loves me.)
Leo rocked the night too with his authentic Salsa moves, he totally scored because of them (I mean got made out with in the parking lot by the birthday girl) Dang I sure have a sore spot for those Latin guys.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

It's funny how when some one saying something to you, I just instinctively Belt out "you too" or "happy birthday to you too" I've been laughing at my self all day for it too. (NERD)

I love that there is one day a year that you get to hear from everyone one you love that they love you too. The best is that I have Friends that frequently hear me say "TE AMO" and my nieces and nephews are indoctrinated by it from the second they are conceived, but it's still just fun to hear it and have a special day for it.

I have been blessed with such good friends, really good Friends that have been with me for years and years. I know that this is a rare find. Especially while I'm still so dependent on the help of my Friends being single in a predominately LDS culture that really values marriage. Let me tell you, I am so incredibly grateful for those who are around me and know they are my special angels!

Every one knows my friend Erika. We "grew up together" roughly used, she was in the lauralglen ward, and I in Panama. HOWEVER, she has been so good to me this
last year. Like unbelievably good. I love that I can tell her what ever and she just laughs and tells me I'm retarded. No judgement and total love. I know that from her, and I'm grateful for that. ***We have current pictures of our hotness but ERIKA hasn't down loaded them yet (love ya) I'll post them when she does :)

My other really amazing Friend Is the Power House LINS Wintch, (oh yeah she married knowing her last name would be Wintch, the best part is that her maiden name is JOLLEY so essentially it's Lindsey Jolley-Wintch: it makes me happy every time I hear it) Well she blasted me with this email and let me tell you... My heart melts... I'll share:

The Pictures are described in the following: Lins and Cher at Lins Marathon, she's like an Olympic runner. Matt and Lins some time, I love Matt too... he does stuff like: has a last name that's Wintch, lets us take pictures of his fogged up glasses, and always gives me a hello and good bye hug- no awkwardness, and he hooks me up with his friends (we'll forget they live in their parents garages). Of course Lins had to take a pic in front of the Wiener Mobile (OF COURSE) thats why I love her.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love Cheryl (you):

1. you are honest
2. you are honestly hilarious
3. you speak espanol
3. you consider me your hermana
4. we grew up together, even though we really didn't
5. you know all the drama from efy- naturally we are now friends for life
6. you are ambitious and smart!
7. you are BEAUTIFUL!!
8. you are a great auntie
9. you are a fantastic friend
10. you make me happy, you're fun to be around, and you are the life of the party
11. you are self-less and are always thinking of others

Love you Cher-Bear! Have a great birthday week!
your friend,
**HUGE compliments. There is no other joy in life but to be sincerely loved by those who surround you**
I don't mean to exclude anyone and I really am grateful for my friends. I think the most underestimated friends that I don't talk about enough are my Sisters. They Put up with such Crap from me and sometimes I think that just cause it's sisters they have too, but in all reality I'm am sosososo blessed that still answer the phone when I call. (I do realize with Call id they don't have too, and PS Lindy I hope this really makes you feel bad for not answering when I know you were there!)
Long story short, I know I'm really lucky and Please know your LOVED!