Friday, June 27, 2008

Time to Face the REAL WORLD

MYah- our sweet Darling is Done with Joy School! And Joe likes to hang out on the Counter top!

PRESchool is OVER for MYAH... and dang that banner in the background is HOT!


I can not get over How FREAKING cute this girl is!!!

I totally Did her hair Ghetto Style.

My mom looks like she's getting attacked!

ARizonA- AKA outter Darkness

After we spent the Day in the "river" I was so burnt and Wasted... Here's the result...
This is Me and JEN in the River... We had Mud fight and cleaned off white trash style. Oh... thats my dear Holly... Who- thinks she needs to lose weight but actually Looks awesome! (Don't you hate people like that?) But WE LOVE VIRG.


Horay I'm getting around to putting pics on my Blog...

Picture one is mark and i in his car... I don't know what the red stuff is... If any one knows shed some light!
Then you have the beautiful JEN. (She is so hot she doesn't even know...)
Then we have the grad! Not the most flattering picture but he apparently is big into Skim boarding.
Next is Mark. My friend for the weekend.
Then we have Tyler and David in the Hotel Swimming pool... (yes this is the only picture I have of our adventure with Tyler and David.)