Sunday, January 27, 2008


What a great TRIP!!! It's been so nice. I'm glad I work so much so that times like this do feel so nice. My flight leaves at 6:30 am... meaning... I'm leaving the house at 5:30 am. It's been a while since this pretty little princess has seen 5:30 am. Both of my parents are taking me to the airport... how sweet... they like each other again.

I wrote this awesome ode to my mom that was really long and an ode to President Hickley... but I lost it, and I am so bugged. It always freaking happends.

Basically I'm so excited for President HInckley and especially happy for Margi. What an exciting reunion.

My dad gave me the earth quake advice. We are all to get earth quake insurance as of now. All loopyness considered, I think he's right.

My dear nephew Jason... he is graduating High school this year. WOW! I seriously changed his diapers. We have good conversations, and I wish he would come live with me. I don't think it would ever happen, but I sure would love it.

I can't really figure out this blog thing. I'm using my mom's computer and the letters on the screen are so big it doesn't make any sense. Lol... it's actually really funny, the letters are huge.

I'm very excited to go home to a clean apartment. I love that feeling when you open the door and the smell is yummy, and it's home. Hopefully the "folding clothes" elf came while I was way :)

I make the best pot stickers. They were so freaking good. My sister in law Amy brought over some stir fry and we cooked up some pot stickers, wongtons, and steamed egg rolls. My dad is so anal about the things he eats we had to steam the egg rolls. (I'm glad- honestly no body like the grease feeling). BUt nothing beats true California oranges off our trees. like 5 a day. I swear my blood pumps orange.

So my guilty little pleasure is... Brothers and Sisters, the TV show. I love it, and it's so bad, but it's so good. I'm going to go watch it...

Silver Beaver Vacation

Hello world of blogging!!! Apparently I've been missing out, and we can't have that can we?

So I'm in cali this weekend, my dad got a Sivler Beaver Award (lol). It was really awesome to be able to be here for that, he has done alot of amazing things in his life and gotten little recognition. Good for him!

I can never sleep at other peoples house...

I had to catch my self this week. When ever I crash my mom and dads house I find my self reverting to the 17 yr old- digging through the cubords for food and laundry soap. When I was at college I would always come home, load up the car (seriously load up) and go back to what ever school I was attending that semester. I had to make an effort to change my habits, i hooked my mom up this weekend- the quilting show, diet pepsi. I was trying to conciously change my ways.

ug- walmart!

I'm so annoyed! My sister in law, anna (shout out!) got my parents to pull out all the old pictures. These pictures seriously come out once every couple years- of my ansectors and grandparents and Anna worked so hard to scan all of them, crop them, and doctor them up a bit, then she sent an order of them over to wall mart for me. How nice of her!!! So then I get to walmart and the RETARDED lady there said she couldn't sell them to me because of copy right laws. I tried to explain to her that the pictures were very old and the photographers were probably all dead... but she didn't by it, and here I sit with no cool pictures.

Is this my sign that geneology isn't my cup of tea?

Life time movies are the best! So dramatic and so Eighties.

Over all- really good California visit. Calm, one on one with the parents. I'm starting to realize my time with them now is really important. We saw August Rush- (my fav. movie right now- LOVE IT) My dad made us sit in the handi cap row on the very back of the theater. So I was like 6 seats away from them, and people kept looking at my like I should have been in a wheel chair... I swear it was my dads idea.

I've eaten So many of the best oranges in the WORLD in the last 24 hours.

I wish all my nieces and nephews lived with me. I really, really do. I really miss the kids being around... at times like when I get home from work and it's so quiet. No matter how loud you turn up the TV it doesn't match the sound of giggling kids. I miss that. I don't think my family realizes how much they mean to me, or what they give me. Maybe I should be better at saying it...

70 degrees out side today!!! Clear and beautiful. ahhhh...that's how it should be.