Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Head Cut Off...

SO this year has come and Gone hasn't it? As I think back to the beginning of the year, living in Provo, under the BYU rules with a roommate who swore she was not "fornicating" then finding pr ego tests in the bathroom (I really don't care what the heck she's doing but don't leave something you pee'd on in my bathroom) eeewwww... To now living in Ogden, working with a completely different job, in a Totally different office. Oh how life has it's challenges.

I was asked by my co-worker what my new year resolutions were last week. I must admit that totally caught me off guard. Totally. I didn't even think of resolutions. He stated to me he wanted to get married and then winked... I turned around and Barfed in my mouth... The HECK, gross. However, Thanks to you for turning me to complete contemplation.

Lets focus on the Blessings of this yr first:
1) I'm alive. I made it another yr!
2) I watched 2 of my HERO's go on missions (Ecuador and Baltimore, how does life get better)
3) Although, a very serious condition (seizures), my sweet perfect nephew has not had one since he started his new med's and now is moving forward.
4) I have spent Seriously quality time with long lost Friends that I had lost contact with for Years. I have been reminded by those Friends of who my real self is, and what it is I stand for... shout out to Erika, Nik, and Amandita (all freinds since at least 6th grade, Amanda goes back to before kindergarten)
5) I have dated, and had so much fun, and have made my mind to look to getting married. Decision is the first step.
6) I have seen Miracles, mostly of my own heart, changing and softening. I started "Therapy" and have benefited from a whole different perspective in life.
7) I have started the process for grad school (talked to Law schools, and looked further into grad schools) and started applications.
8) I have traveled for the first time for work and work has paid for it... That's like what I had in my head of a true grown up job... like I'm a grown up!)
9) I have found Coconut oil!!! No wrinkles in my face!!! I love it! I frequently get told I look between 20-23.
10) I found HCG diet and stuck to it (Ok so not as much and I would have liked too, however I think even one day of success is something to brag about)
11) I have a nephew at BYU and a Niece in College in Arizona. (seriously where does the time go).
12) I went to my 10 Year high school reunion. Although I was very hesitant I went and I MASTERED it. I was scared to death of facing everyone. The best part was I walked away happy at what I've done, and where I am with my life. I am an extremely awesome person... How's that for cool?
13) I sat in the temple with my sweet nephew... Who thought that day would ever come? He is so much better than I ever have been.

That's all I can think of now... the list goes on Forever though. Lots to ponder and lots to look forward to. Here's to a Fabulous rest of 2009 and a Kick a@@ 2010. This is my year so get ready for it everyone!

(PS the fun Christmas festivities are in the next post, be ready ya'll are going to love what I've been doing to celebrate)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


**I need to update everyone on life, However this is just a funny thing i saw and in reality is much like a day in the life at work!***

Here are 10 real-life mistakes that illustrate what not to do when you sit down for your next interview:

1. Candidate answered cell phone and asked the interviewer to leave her own office because it was a "private" conversation.

2. Applicant told the interviewer he wouldn't be able to stay with the job long because he thought he might get an inheritance if his uncle died -- and his uncle wasn't "looking too good."

3. The job seeker asked the interviewer for a ride home after the interview.

4. The applicant smelled his armpits on the way to the interview room.

5. Candidate said she could not provide a writing sample because all of her writing had been for the CIA and it was "classified."

6. Candidate told the interviewer he was fired for beating up his last boss.

7. When the applicant was offered food before the interview, he declined saying he didn't want to line his stomach with grease before going out drinking.

8. An applicant said she was a "people person" not a "numbers person" – in her interview for an accounting position.

9. During a phone interview the candidate flushed the toilet while talking to hiring manager.

10. The applicant took out a hairbrush and brushed her hair.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Heart.

Letters From Ecuador... If you have served a mission you remember feeling these feelings...
(Actually Jason letter)

hey my dearest aunty!

Theres moments here that i feel like i just want to go back home and do nothing, and then its like my ADD gets super insane and suddenly its been a week and i don´t know what happened to my time! I´m all over the place here, its crazy. My problem is that i dont have a middle, i´m either really happy or crazy sad. My companion is being driven up the wall probably, doenst matter he jsut got made district leader so now i get to do splits all the time!! yay! the spanish is hard but it really doesnt scare me much anymore, they know im a gringo and can deal with it. I lvoe you my dearest aunty and can´t wait to see you again! lvoe your missionary

Elder (jason) shelton
What a special Angel!!! This kid is my joy. He sneaks his Little Aunt Letters (I'm sure they are approved) and I love that we get to communicate intimately (i feel like I'm sitting on his bed once a week and squeezing his little hand) how I love him...
OTHER GOOD NEWS. My sister on Saturday night was frightened by what seemed to be a miscarriage. I talked to her, and I'm not sure the world knows this, but she put the matter in the Lords hands. Off she went to the doctor on Monday and WOWWY TWINS!!! Not just one, But 2!!! Happy, doesn't describe. thrilled? not even close! ELATED! Beyond Elated.
Also, service auction at Church, my authentic Mexican Dinner when for 45$. HOLY HOLY HOLY.
It's a good life...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More for Dear Virgy!

Read the Prior Blog Before this one... it's a cont.
My friend from High school, ERIKA. We see each other some times more than other times... here are some of our pictures. Her kids are breath takingly beautiful.

I was able to Go watch Hayden play foot ball, I couldn't find his pictures they are some where... I did find this pic of Gracie at Haydens gAme. It was cold, (red nose) and dang she is so cute... SO CUTE. She has got me wrapped around her little finger. Halloween!!! I looked awesome! my roommates and I had a party. Earlier that day was very stressful, my Nephew joe had some issues so by the time of the party I was in need of an escape. if I wasn't Mormon I would have DRUNK, however, i am Mormon, and a good one... so I had 4 red bulls and a red bull shot. HOLY COW. It was so fun.

I don't know if I'd recommend it, HOWEVER, I danced the night away. In Utah people are very reserved and a little judgmental (ok alot judgemental) so the red Bull gave me the extra courage... LOL These are my Roomies, CUTE girls. We had a good time.
My new Earrings! We heart Brigham City's Peach Days!!!

I died my eye brows on a cold Winter snowy day... things get wild when there's nothing to do...
(All my Christmas shopping is already done and wrapped)

Holly and i enjoyed my favorite food at 3 am.

I think thats really all for now... Love ya!

This One is FOR VIRG!!!

Virg and i were talking, very pleasantly on a cold winter snowy day, and she mentioned (chewed on my BUTT) for having not blogged... Let me tell you... when Virg Chews, I listen!!! (I heart virg and she knows it) So what we have in Very Very Random order is the last MONTHS of my life...
JOSHY Poo my Sweet Nephew Got his mission call!!! BALTIMORE or BUST! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I don't know why but this was such a freaken surprise I couldn't believe it. I needed to go to Cali for My 10 YR high school reunion so I recruited Mike, Teri, and Josh, we drove my car down and had a party! It was actually really fun.
Josh ended up going through the LA temple that weekend, which was awesome, so we drove in a Thursday night, and drove to LA on Friday. Teri doesn't look good, She ended up having some serious medical Crap go down, so we'll excuse her very focused face. I LOVE LA.

I got transferred to another office just after my trip for a month. I helped train some new employees in an office about 45 min from my usual abode. The state paid for me to take the train, but BOY WAS I GLAD TO BE BACK TO MY OFFICE AFTER THAT MONTH!!! I can't say that enough times. My office Toilet papered my desk while I was gone. I didn't realize how close I had gotten to my new office family in such short time. I love these guys.

We had to take pictures for the regional director and of course I grinned it up. (I sit next to the camera guy so he basically let me have a photo shoot... this is the best we got out of it.) I'm the one with the thumbs up back there...

Long before my trip to Cali I had an awesome fun date!!! So fun. my friend Holly and I went out with these hotties, seems like forever ago, but it was a party. I wanted to go to the Boys to Men Concert so dang bad... I had Pandora'ed their music all month before and we get there. SOLD FREAKEN OUT, are you kidding? Nope they aren't kidding. We danced out side the gate... So fun. The Guy... HOT. He doesn't love me. Which was ok with me so no sad faces. (looks aren't everything folks)
my friend Holly, we went on the date, but we also work in the same office. my buddy let her join in on the Photo shoot. I'm telling you, It's a party in Ogden.

The rest of the toilet paper, and my DANG cute red New jacket... LOVE it.

I ended up confiscating the camera guys camera and before I knew it this was set out to my team at work... How'd that happen?

My Nephew had a birthday, with him leaving on his mission I felt like I needed special autny time...

So bowling we went (of course his buddy had to go... (rolled eyes) ) When we went tot he alley the nasty bowling guy was hitting on His aunty hard core, so my nephew and I decided we were going to switch up his sign as revenge. The sign use to say "join us for x-treme bowling Fri & sat" it took me a while but I came up with this change to the sign... YES I did do that, I am 28 yrs old and changing a sign is not below me. I'll admit it.

This guy was nasty. As we were walking out me and my 19 yr old accomplices were giggleing and nasty old guy winked at me and said "come back" and I was like... You bet ya, it was league night, I wonder how long it took before they noticed.

I also made it to Haydens football game, I have pictures of Hayden playing some where I couldn't find them.
This is my Baby nephew driving us back to Utah. I had a "dang" moment... First of all, when did he get old enough to drive, 2 of all when did he start driving MY car, 3 of all, mission call? What? 4th of all, he was included to an adults only trip to Cali? 4th of all, Endowed? WHAAATTT? 5th of all DRIVING US BACK TO UTAH? Hold up.


My good Friend from kindergartens KIDS. Yeah she has 2 of them... NUTS.

They look bratty and she'd agree with you, I think they are dang cute. AND probably much cuter than my pale red headed kids will be.

This is her! My Amandita. So many story's with this girl, Truly friends for ever. Her mom gave me My first beans and Rice. (Like real beans and real rice)

Just busy busy, there is more to come...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey Look, I'm an AUNTY!
Brett Bootla was born to Troy and Amy on Aug 26th! That's the only picture my brother sent to me so I made it 8*10 size and posted it in my office (the display which is being demonstrated.)

AHHH... can't wait to get my lips and hands on the baby...

My sister is HOT. This is a kinda funny picture... Long story short, my nephew Joseph had a seizure and the EKG found seizure activity after the seizure went down... SCARY. So Joesph had an appointment for an MRI at Primary Children's Hospital. I was recruited as the party activity committee and my main purpose this morning was to have so much fun our little Joe wouldn't sleep in the car (so when they gave him is "kiddie cocktail" he'd actually sleep). Ceri is hot as always, and I am happy to say mission accomplished. I took Gracie to my Friend Erika's house while Ceri and Joe did the testing.
Let me tell you, that is not something I ever want to see again. My sister caring her baby to the hospital... on top of that she shaved his head the night before so he looked like a cancer patient. YUCK. The MRI came back A-OK and Little Joe is just more prone to seizures than other kids, but we thanked our lucky stars (and Heavenly Father) realizing that day could have been a HUGE life changing day in our lives, and turned out Joesph is a super funny DRUNK (he's giggly).

This would be LEO, my latest Boy toy... when I say toy I mean just that. FUN. Colombian, and Italian. Columbia Native, AMAZING SPANISH (he talks and my heart melts), Latin (that's what we have in common) just like I like them.

MY Fiesta De CumpliAnos!

How do you say awesome in Spanish? Oh yeah Dallas! It turned out that my buddy Kirk, Dallas, Erika, me and Leo were the only party animals that night. NONE the less, so so so fun.
These are the only pictures I have of the evening. Dallas showed up in a shirt and tie, I was thinking... "Um have you ever been around Hispanics? They are going to think your immigration and clear out of here" Well, the whole restaurant cleared out... LOL Joking- he actually did well, this is him singing some song in Spanish about making Mayonnaise?? NO birthday present needed, just Dallas in a Spanish Karaoke restaurant singing in Spanish.
The second photo is him doing the mayonnaise dance??? I couldn't control my laughter. He OWNED the mayonnaise dance.
Special thanks to Erika! She gave me my only birthday present of this year... Tommy girl perfume. I'm officially past the body spray stage and on to perfume. LOVE IT (mostly because it came from a dear friend who loves me.)
Leo rocked the night too with his authentic Salsa moves, he totally scored because of them (I mean got made out with in the parking lot by the birthday girl) Dang I sure have a sore spot for those Latin guys.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

It's funny how when some one saying something to you, I just instinctively Belt out "you too" or "happy birthday to you too" I've been laughing at my self all day for it too. (NERD)

I love that there is one day a year that you get to hear from everyone one you love that they love you too. The best is that I have Friends that frequently hear me say "TE AMO" and my nieces and nephews are indoctrinated by it from the second they are conceived, but it's still just fun to hear it and have a special day for it.

I have been blessed with such good friends, really good Friends that have been with me for years and years. I know that this is a rare find. Especially while I'm still so dependent on the help of my Friends being single in a predominately LDS culture that really values marriage. Let me tell you, I am so incredibly grateful for those who are around me and know they are my special angels!

Every one knows my friend Erika. We "grew up together" roughly used, she was in the lauralglen ward, and I in Panama. HOWEVER, she has been so good to me this
last year. Like unbelievably good. I love that I can tell her what ever and she just laughs and tells me I'm retarded. No judgement and total love. I know that from her, and I'm grateful for that. ***We have current pictures of our hotness but ERIKA hasn't down loaded them yet (love ya) I'll post them when she does :)

My other really amazing Friend Is the Power House LINS Wintch, (oh yeah she married knowing her last name would be Wintch, the best part is that her maiden name is JOLLEY so essentially it's Lindsey Jolley-Wintch: it makes me happy every time I hear it) Well she blasted me with this email and let me tell you... My heart melts... I'll share:

The Pictures are described in the following: Lins and Cher at Lins Marathon, she's like an Olympic runner. Matt and Lins some time, I love Matt too... he does stuff like: has a last name that's Wintch, lets us take pictures of his fogged up glasses, and always gives me a hello and good bye hug- no awkwardness, and he hooks me up with his friends (we'll forget they live in their parents garages). Of course Lins had to take a pic in front of the Wiener Mobile (OF COURSE) thats why I love her.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love Cheryl (you):

1. you are honest
2. you are honestly hilarious
3. you speak espanol
3. you consider me your hermana
4. we grew up together, even though we really didn't
5. you know all the drama from efy- naturally we are now friends for life
6. you are ambitious and smart!
7. you are BEAUTIFUL!!
8. you are a great auntie
9. you are a fantastic friend
10. you make me happy, you're fun to be around, and you are the life of the party
11. you are self-less and are always thinking of others

Love you Cher-Bear! Have a great birthday week!
your friend,
**HUGE compliments. There is no other joy in life but to be sincerely loved by those who surround you**
I don't mean to exclude anyone and I really am grateful for my friends. I think the most underestimated friends that I don't talk about enough are my Sisters. They Put up with such Crap from me and sometimes I think that just cause it's sisters they have too, but in all reality I'm am sosososo blessed that still answer the phone when I call. (I do realize with Call id they don't have too, and PS Lindy I hope this really makes you feel bad for not answering when I know you were there!)
Long story short, I know I'm really lucky and Please know your LOVED!

Monday, August 17, 2009

OK, so this is Holly. (I know, really I do have 2 close Friends named Holly and it's a trip!
We like BOYS. Actually thats all we talk about (kinda) is boys and getting married. I hooked us up on Hot dates and we (holly and I ) ended up having the time of our lives... it was so fun! We went to the county fair and one thing you gotta love about HOlly is she is ALWAYs taking pictures.
Ahhh cute... thats me... weird angel and double chin... but me none the less. The picture above, you can't see it but the goat was eating my hair... and I was screaming... it was really gross. REALLY gross.
We Sat by the Cows,
and that was really really gross too... I had one flip flops and for some reason forgot what a fair was all about... GROSS!!!

I got my toes done for the date... Yep gel toes... apparently they last 2 months (See I'm totally a nail girl... lol ) but they turned out so cute!!!

Even more to come... But it's a start.

I took my nephews shopping! David got shoes (really cool ones he's wearing in the pic), Tucker got 2 fishes (I don't know when I'm going to learn that they don't live)... as a matter of fact... the guy at pet smart looked at Tucker and would not sale us a fish... so we had to go to wall mart. I was kinda mad at the pet smart guy, but then it just made me laugh. You can see there was a bunch of candy purchased, I have learned in my many aunt yeaars that you can't forget the ones left at home, and Micah was so good! He let the day be about David which I thought waws really awesome of him. Brig went with us this day but slept in the car...

OK SO if you don't know what this is... BOX ELDER BEETLEs! and they are everywhere!!! I HATE THEM. One day I gave up the nice act and stabbed them with a pen. They literally are everywhere. I was hoping if I tortured one he would go back and tell his buddies not to mess with the BIG C. But it didn't work and we are stuck with bug carcuses... Oh the joys of northern utah.

My Sweet perfect angel nephew Jason went to the MTC. Before then there was plenty of good times...

He is so freaken CUTE. Like on of those "gosh dang if you weren't related to me..." Handsome. AND he's like amazingly spiritual. Like on FIre amazing.
Man i wish i had such a cool auntie.

My roommate Malorie. She has lost wieght too.... and looks fab.

Althought this pic was taken like 4 yrs ago... I thought why not post it? So here are the padres in San Fran.

If you know Cheryl you know that she's always at the lake if she can be... It is especially beautiful right now.
A little piece of Heaven given to us.