Friday, February 5, 2010


So I haven't been as good at keeping up with my blog... but every day is a new day right!

I'm so grateful for...

#1 The old guy at the cemetery. I live about a block away from a cemetery. I drive by it tons, and I have come to be touched by how people treat the graves of their loved ones. Specifically there is this one older guy. He goes and shovels the snow and the grave always has beautiful flowers on it. When I see him I think of how loved that person is and how I want to love some one that purely one day.
#2 White feelings. I am SO excited! I'm getting all the fillings replaced in my mouth! FINALLY. This has been one of my goals for years. I am so excited and thrilled. Getting all these replaced checks off one last thing from my "before I get married" List.
#3 Samantha. A couple months ago my friend Samantha moved to Utah. I love her. She and her husband are from Louisiana and got stationed here, he is a Captain in the Air Force. I just adore them. They have that cute southern accent I came to Love will I was "staying" in Tennessee. Not only that, but she is such a good friend and fun to be around. She is a therapist for people who have attempted Suicide so the stories never end!!! LOVE IT, LOVE HER, LOVE the Accent.
#4 mineral make up. What more needs to be said?
#5 Buying my niece a wax kit. AWESOME she does my eye brows. We tried to do my legs but all i can say is OUCH. My female moustache should be scared. Very scared.