Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grateful Again.

I feel like life these days is one big blur of packing for Salt Lake for the weekend then work monday morning, then Driving to SLC again on Thursday with some customers between the time. Holy blur. Last weekend derrek's work had a big race and it was alot of fun to go see him in his element and be introduced to a whole new world of racing and stuff I haven't really known too much about. As you can see in the photo's below, we went go karting, hung out at the museum, and watched the races... All in all a good time by everyone. Derrek's birthday was on Tuesday so it was fun for me to get to see him during the week. We went out to dinner, drove around looking at houses (the houses in Down town are awesome) went to get some cards for some serious Rummy, and then a knock at his door. The knock was his dad and the night ended with some chatting by his father. Derrek seemed to like his gifts, although he is not the excited type- I'd rather some one jump around happy, and he did not do that, but none the less a great evening with my BF. (still weird to say) Derrek is rad!

I had a few experiences this week that made me so grateful. each of these experiences I'm going to share will count as my grateful lists... I hope thats ok with everyone.

#1 I have made it my goal to thank every veteran that sits at my desk. Not an easy task because they are usually Felons, toothless, or currently drunk as I stumble through what I can do to help them. As bad as it sounds, I have become numb to people and their issues-in my work you have to detach at some point or you'll go crazy. So I had this one specific Veteran at my desk that I decided to be nice to and bend over backwards to help- this is a new thing for me. As he stood up to leave I looked him in his eye and thanked him for his service. He pulled back his sleeves from his shirt and said to me "I'd do it again." I was especially touched when I looked down to his arms where he had pulled his sleeves back, and they were covered with scars from burns, clearly this guy has been through some serious wounds.
I thought about that, and got emotional. The Hero's of my day are literally sitting in front of me at my desk, or are all around me... how grateful I am for men and women who do the ultimate, and sacrifice for me. That's a Christ like attribute that I reverence, rather, I am learning to reverence.

#2 I deeply miss my sisters and their kids. This I am grateful for this feeling. If you are anyone in my family I have always been a little removed and wanting to live far away from them. I have always wanted to live on the east coast, but right now it wouldn't matter where we lived. I just want my sisters. I feel home sick, but really its sister sick. I want the feeling thats usually at christmas. Everyone sitting around talking, and teasing the kids. With the Twins here, and my other sister at girls camp, and then another sister across the States- far far away, I'm feeling a whole in my heart. i've turned in to a girl that would live on the same street as my sisters... I'm some one I've always made fun of.

This is all I have time for now, however I am a frequent blogger. I love you all...

SO Grateful.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Thank goodness it's THURSDAY! Feels like this week went Super Fast, but Also amazingly slow. Here are some highlights of the week:

* The stake rented out the surf and swim which I went to with Mal and Zach. How I love that those two are dating! It's like totally awesome.
Highlights of surf and swim: The BBQ of FOOT LONG hot dogs (these winnies were HUGE), Heated water (So nice to hang out in warm water when it's freezing cold out side), Malorie (we don't have much time to just hang out much), My bishop and his wife (they are so so NICE, I love them), the hot life gaurds (I know they are like 16 but still fun to gaze at them), oh and how could I forget the Special Ed guy that almost drownd: I know it's aweful aweful to say, but man I enjoyed watching the rescue effort.

*Bed time at 8pm monday night and before 10 the rest of the nights of the week. I have enjoyed going to sleep, seems like I can never get enough.

*Jack and Cheryl "Special" time. We don't get the chance to talk alot like we use to and I genuinly enjoy talking to him. He has had girl drama so it's been fun hearing whats going on. Plus, he is in rare form, like so excited to be dating and he just wants to party... Love the energy.

*I invented yummy breakfast food. Corn Tortilla's, ham and swiss cheese. Divine.

*I got the invitations completed for the family reunion the Butler's are incharge of. It's going to be August 7th (all are invited), and we have some seriously cool stuff planned. I'm excited.

*I talked to my supervisor and I'm offically in for a transfer Down Town. Deep breath, Huge deep breath. It will be great I know it, but still a big deal in my small little world.

OK time to be grateful.

#1 My awesome Sunglasses. I always feel fab when I am wearing those things, it's an instant facelift.

#2 Working with Elizabeth and Rene. They are Crazy, and so much fun! I admire Rene for being true to her self, and always doing what she know's is right. Some times in a work place full of nasty politics it's hard to find a genuin person. I am grateful for Elizabeth because of her example or service.

I'm done for the day, Peace out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Happy

My goodness I’m so grateful!

#1 Bag water. I found boxes of bag water for $2.29 at Maceys grocery store and let me tell you it’s fun! Doesn’t taste very good at all, but it’s worth just carrying around a little bag of water. Love it, thank you Macey’s.

#2 My skin tag. I had one in my arm pit, until Derrek attacked me with dental floss and strangled the little guy right off. HOLY ouch. He got half the tag, and I have an open ouch in my pit. Derrek swears my quality of life will be improved. What ever. The best part is there will need to be a round 2 cause he only got half of it. I am grateful cause it entertained us for a good 10 minutes.

#3 My ring. I have a pretend wedding ring that saves my life at times. I work among real champions of citizens, and a semi attractive girl has no hope of being repested with out a ring on her finger. Fair? Not at all, however they are the rules of society so embrace them we must!

#4 My purple walls. I love my Surfer girl room. Love them. They make me smile with hope of another trip to CA.

#5 Garments. Comfy. Breathing. Mine are currently too big, and Oh how excited I am to one day replace them all and have all new, clean, and amazing garments to wear. Yummy.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” ~G.K. Chesterton

Monday, June 21, 2010

weekends are so fun!

I am grateful for the people in my life that make it so exciting to look forward to the weekend. I'm also Extremely grateful for my friends who make everyday a party. Derrek and I had date night at his house, and we ended up having an awesome dinner, then temple square and a movie. We got to see my parents on sat morning and also hit up the farmers Market (awesome). Then we had a date night with Hannah (my BF from SUU- shout out). Long day! Then off to Da's for breakfast, with mike and my parents. We also hit up church, then off to Derrek's adorable sister for dinner with his family. We cooked... turns out we are pretty good together. Awesome conversations and awesome awesome company. Have I mentioned that life is good? Oh man it's good!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Haven't done this in a while, so I must be grateful for a moment.
I am so so grateful for...

#1 Everything I have. I am so incredibly blessed. I wake up and enjoy the clothes I own, and can live comfortably. What a blessing!

#2 My hair straightner. It takes the friz away, and I'm SO grateful.

#3 MY sweet brother and his wife in california. While we were there our trip was chuck full of unexpected little fun times. Like seriously full of them. They were so nice to us and I am so grateful.

#4 Along with that, the Garcia's (Amanda) seriously took care of us. Gave us a place to stay, food to eat, and a bed to sleep in. I love her just like I did when I was 6. True friend, and oh how grateful I am.

#5 My card making abilities. I have been lucky enough to have a stash ready to go so I could just grab a card and go. I am grateful for that, people know I love them!!!

I feel like there have been so many small blessings, it's unbelieveable. I am so so grateful.

PS. The pictures are that we finally got to move freniture up to Ogden that is so comfy. I love our new house, and I LOVE Mal.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh my boyfriend.

Yes that’s right, I’m officially dating someone. This may not be news to many of you, usually when you are seeing some one for as long as we have been commitment of some sort is sure to follow, however I’m Cheryl so it took him coming out and asking for it to be done. Guys, I’m off the market (for now anyway), and happily liken on someone. (A lot)

So his name is Derrek, his flava is Strawberry blondes that are so fun and cute. I absolutely adore him. Absolutely.

Lets talk California. Holy California. I am a mess, and finally the gig is up, Derrek got the full exposure to the mess. Our vacation started… In Utah. I was responsible for getting to Derrek’s house (basically down town SLC) and getting us to my parent’s condo just in time for the flight. Let me preface this with the fact that before this trip I was clearly the planner in this relationship. Derrek isn’t one for planning, he’s the type that would call day off and we’d go out, but progressively got better as we dated more.

So I get to Derrek’s and I’m totally late. About 45 min. Usually not a big deal but we are working with airlines so maybe at this point we should hurry and get to the airport. I had already checked us in, so we just had to go through security. It was flawless and off we went to catch our flight.

Our seats were not scheduled together, I had talked to the airline about getting us together, and they couldn’t do it. I’d be darned if I didn’t sit by my Hottie on the long hour flight to Phx. I couldn’t keep my little hands off him. So I ended up talking to the lady next to me and wow, we were sitting next to each other. The lady was on the same row and us, and was a complete DOLL. She had dropped her only son off at the MTc the day prior. Derrek served in Japan and I having served in Nashville, we both had some words to say to her about missions. Derrek teased that is a chatty Kathy, but who can blame me, I was going on my first flight with this guy I totally liked, and was super excited to go home to California.

So after the flight, we got into Phx. Can I just say I do not have good memories at Phx. I actually dread flying to and from that airport. Memories attached to it that I wish not to revisit. Well, most of you should laugh at this next part coming. We get to Phx, and I’m feeling pretty good. I harassed Derrek about not knowing our flight plans and continually quizzed him on our flight information based on what I believed to be true. There we sat at flight gate B4 to start our wait for our plane. The lay over was suppose to be about 2.5 hours, which is long and annoying, but whatever. Derrek got a pizza, we shared it, and then we played Mash, Bash and made fun of each other… While sitting there Derrek continually checked in on the flight by saying “your sure it’s B4” “when does our flight leave” etc. I assured I was in control and for him to sit back and enjoy his vacation.

WELL, our flight was to leave at 8.00. at 8.02 Derrek sits up and looks at me. He says, “What time is our flight again?” I say “8.00, (like totally irritated he’s even asking)” then he looks at me while gathering his stuff and says “Cheryl it’s 8.02”

After a long string of profanities I pull out the tickets, sure enough it’s gate B7 which we weren’t very far from at all.

I freaked. Derrek is so calm and level headed. I was like frantic yelling at any airline person around. When we got to the gate we see them pulling the walkway back from the plane, and I’m like yelling… “Stop the plane” I remember some time in my freak out I looked back and Derrek is like feet behind me like totally removed from the situation. At the time I didn’t realize what he was doing, now I know he was probably shocked I turned into that beast, or like shocked I truly thought they would hold the flight for me. Later that night Derrek said something that made me really laugh… “you think your Oprah or something? Who do you think you are that they’d stop the plane for you” I guess at that freak out time I clearly wasn’t thinking, but if I had been thinking I would have thought that on occasion you can catch a break and not look like such an idiot in front of this totally hottie your enamored with. Karma or the universe could not be that bad to me to get me to look this dumb in front of him.

If I would have thought that I would have been wrong. Karma does actually really suck, and idiot is a minor word for how I looked. We went to customer serve after I finally realized they weren’t stopping the flight and by this point I’m laughing so so hard. Like hysterically. Derrek, Was not laughing, I think he may have been a little confused at what the heck was going on.

So the very very nice lady helped us and after telling us there weren’t flights available to Bakersfield for 2 days, we finally settled on a flight to Burbank for the next morning at 6:30. pretty early huh? NOT IF YOU’RE SLEEPING AT THE AIRPORT. Which we did. Don’t worry we scouted out the perfect place to sleep in the gate, no one else was there besides us so we felt fortunate to get the pick of the draw. After walking around the whole gate and finally deciding on a spot, we made camp… Literally. Derrek didn’t have time to dry his clothes he packed so he pulled those out and we had our selves a drying area. Then it’s time to “sleep.” That’s a joke. It started out fine, but then I was freezing. Like so cold. Then Derrek got cold. We resorted to putting an article of clothing on each limb to make us warm. Derrek looked so so funny. I was still laughing really hard, I couldn’t believe we missed our flight let alone that we were sleeping there, then that this guy had my black silky Pj’s on. Oh my life.

Janitors are vacuuming around us. Yeah like seriously. WE were the only people in the whole gate besides the Janitors and I swear they took forever vacuuming around us. Derrek said he thins they went slower in our area… they thought he was cute. Horrible night of no sleep. I finally took 2 Tylenol pm’s, and even then no sleep. I did enjoy cuddling we my handsome all night; that was a sure benefit, however would not recommend it.

We woke up and took camp down when people starting coming into their flights at about 5. Derrek and I took turns brushing teeth and getting dressed. I went to get dressed and checked the flight monitor. I started to freak out, we needed to be in B21 for our next flight to Burbank. So I change and then tell Derrek that we had to go catch our flight. Derrek kind of laughs and says “are you sure” I assured him I was positive. He looks and me and says “Cheryl B 21 is to Boston” YES, I almost lead us astray again. Luckily this time he checked up on me and we got to the right gate.

As we sat at the gate we were feeling warm. Derrek starts to look around and realizes that we had totally slept under the air conditioning vent. No wonder we were freezing.

So we get into Burbank and take the bus down to Bakersfield. Needless to say, it was great to get there, and we truly enjoyed the Garcia, Gomez and Butlers. Seriously, I wish we were still there. The weather was warm, but the pool was perfect. The retirement party turned out perfect. I loved having Derrek there with me. I think I fell more and more for him there. There’s something about some one you adore loving people you love, and the world being right again.

We had more experiences that were note worthy on the trip, however I want to add that to another post this one has gotten quite long.

Let me just finish with a few points being made: #1 Derrek does very well in situations that are just lame, like missing a flight. #2 Derrek was so incredibly cute with the babies in CA. SO cute. #3 I like Derrek. #4 I feel so blessed to have the family and close close friends I do. I pinch my self often in gratitude. Life truly is blessed.

PSSSS… My sister had her twins. They are SO cute! So sweet, and so perfect. I can’t wait to get my little paws on them. Oh babies…