Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mal's Big HUge day!

I had the awesome opportunity of going to the temple in Logan with Malorie.

Hollar! It was so beautiful with all the flowers and the weather... AMAZING.

Us and our twins. We love them. Where would our lives be? Shortly after the temple, they put on a concert for us at Mal's house. Her mom fell in LOVE with Zach, (of course it's kinda a duh)

Me and my Jack. What an awesome guy! The night before Mal's big day, Mal and I drove up to Logan to help her mom get the house ready, then we bought all the nourishing food (BBQ!!!) We roasted hot dogs and it was FUN!!! (we've been wanting to BBQ for some time now)
Mal is so Cute! She was so calm, at this point I was freaking out for her, Seems like I did all the freak out fro every one else.

Me and my Winnies. Little known secret, I didn't eat hot dogs till after my mission. Can you believe that? (to my credit they are kinda gross) Now I just eat the polish kind, Costco converted me. Now look, I'm a hot dog roaster... Old dogs learning new tricks.
Jack looks so cute here. What a crazy. I just love Zach. Before I headed up north my mom hooked me up with a list of family names to find in the cemetery in Smith Field (where Mal is from) turns out I have family that Settled the city (we are Smiths) So I took pictures of head stones and stuff with Mal. What a good Friend she is to do that with me. This is a picture with a Craghead, the other side of the family.
What a good Friend!!!

Long story short, great weekend. I was able to see some other "friends" and it was PACKED full of fun. My Nephews from the Mission were able to call home, I didn't talk to any of them- I felt it was important for them to have special time with their mom's. I called my mom and wished her a happy day.
My ward was reorganized this last week so we have everything new. I went to Church alone, and eventually was able to talk Zach into ward hopping over to my ward. I was so glad he was there with me.
I'm glad I have Friends that I can sit in Holy places with, what a blessing.

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