Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So here are some Pictures of our work breakfast. My team... basically my second family... I am serious about loving this camera... where has it been my whole life?

So This weekend was full of Fun times... Yet again. Life is so great. This would be 2 of my buddies playing boy band... We laugh so dang much and then end up on Mal's bed laughing some more. We always end up doing something crazy...

My Boy David came for a night this weekend. I let him drive my car... He did great!

And then we saw Brigg at a wrestling thing...

After the Dash Board Confessionals concert we went back to my place and played games, danced, laughed more...
We traveled from a far to see Brigg at his tournament. I AM SO GLAD THESE WARRIORS are in my FOREVER family. Such examples to me. Side note: I was feeling very emotional feelings about having David close by. I didn't realize how much I missed having Becky's Kids so close. I wanted to hug him non stop (I didn't do it) but I'm so grateful I get to spend Auntie time with him. I'm not sure he knows just how Deep the love for him is, so I'm excited to be able to show him... he is Cherished in ways he doesn't know.

I also got to go to the JAZZ game... You may have heard about it... it was one of the most awesome games I've ever ever been too!!! That would be Shaq on the floor chill'n out.

AND WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY a 3 point shot at .01 seconds left... HOLY AWESOME.

OK there are many more pictures... If you look on face book I've added some there too. Long story short I need a weekend to recover from the weekend... It's a great problem to have.
Now time for Grateful list:

1) I am so grateful for... my feather pillow top bed. It's actually my sister Ceri's. I LOVE IT. I am so so grateful for it. So grateful.
2) Fresh Pineapple! Yum. I love the juicy ones that squirt out every where when you bite it... I think that's pretty much universal. MY sister Teri is allergic to fresh fruit, I feel for her, I'm pretty sure there isn't much better in life then Fresh fruit.
3) Dishwasher Soap. this week we ran out of it... It was my fault, my turn to replace it and just kept forgetting... WELL... I washed all the dishes By hand... The whole all of our dishes...WOWWY. I enjoyed it, I was in one of those rare and random "dish washing" moods... MY roommate was baking, I love it. I do dishes she bakes and we turn up the music. This day we listened to "go put your record on, play me your favorite song..." repeatedly for HOURS. One of the best days ever. PS. I didn't even eat the treats she made, I just like the smells and the fun singing and talking...
4) I love that I heart hand outs when I teach Relief Society. This weeks is... "Don't be a dum Dum (sucker) prepare for the future though work and Learning, It will be a (life saver) in though times. " I'm teaching Uchtdorf's talk " principles for any economy. CUTE. Also I had a seminary teacher that always and a quote box... each lesson she taught she had cut out quotes from the lesson so we couple have paste in quotes. I have adopted this and am so GLAD I had her as a teacher. I think it adds so much to the lesson for people to be able to take it with them.
5) Neosporin. Just plan old fashion gunk. I grabbed the stuff to go this morning and I HATE IT. It's a big Runny mess all over my hand... Whats wring with a tube? Are we really getting that lazy? PS. finger nail update... it's for sure coming off... TEAR. I soon will be a 9 nailed freak.

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