Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Thank goodness it's THURSDAY! Feels like this week went Super Fast, but Also amazingly slow. Here are some highlights of the week:

* The stake rented out the surf and swim which I went to with Mal and Zach. How I love that those two are dating! It's like totally awesome.
Highlights of surf and swim: The BBQ of FOOT LONG hot dogs (these winnies were HUGE), Heated water (So nice to hang out in warm water when it's freezing cold out side), Malorie (we don't have much time to just hang out much), My bishop and his wife (they are so so NICE, I love them), the hot life gaurds (I know they are like 16 but still fun to gaze at them), oh and how could I forget the Special Ed guy that almost drownd: I know it's aweful aweful to say, but man I enjoyed watching the rescue effort.

*Bed time at 8pm monday night and before 10 the rest of the nights of the week. I have enjoyed going to sleep, seems like I can never get enough.

*Jack and Cheryl "Special" time. We don't get the chance to talk alot like we use to and I genuinly enjoy talking to him. He has had girl drama so it's been fun hearing whats going on. Plus, he is in rare form, like so excited to be dating and he just wants to party... Love the energy.

*I invented yummy breakfast food. Corn Tortilla's, ham and swiss cheese. Divine.

*I got the invitations completed for the family reunion the Butler's are incharge of. It's going to be August 7th (all are invited), and we have some seriously cool stuff planned. I'm excited.

*I talked to my supervisor and I'm offically in for a transfer Down Town. Deep breath, Huge deep breath. It will be great I know it, but still a big deal in my small little world.

OK time to be grateful.

#1 My awesome Sunglasses. I always feel fab when I am wearing those things, it's an instant facelift.

#2 Working with Elizabeth and Rene. They are Crazy, and so much fun! I admire Rene for being true to her self, and always doing what she know's is right. Some times in a work place full of nasty politics it's hard to find a genuin person. I am grateful for Elizabeth because of her example or service.

I'm done for the day, Peace out.

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