Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter, In Rewind status.

When I was on my mission, I would show people this picture of Christ. Then I would proceed to tell them I was one of the angles on the Right and show them where they were in the picture also.
There was this Cute little boy, Oh my those Hispanic kids are adorable!!! His name is Shemblom and he use to call me "La hermanita Angel" "sister angel" cause I infiltrated his brain to think part of this picture was a self portrait. I laughed allot about it, however on a deeper level I'd like to think I'd have a front row seat to this experience due to my undieing faith. *Something to work towards, no?*

So I'm Mormon. Easter means a couple things for us Mormons. First and foremost, it means Christ has Risen!! How grateful I am to know my Savior, and have him be an entrical part of my life. I am so grateful for that. So grateful. Life is so much easier when you can give all your issues to some one else and not have to fret about them. Especially, some one that loves you unconditionally and will always, unconditional of your short comings. I know this to be true, and as President Hinckley once said, "My gratitude knows no bounds, My Love for my Savior has no end, My God and my Best Friend." He has saved me from my self, and from my short comings and I can not wait to meet him at his feet. I read 3 Nefi where he came to the American Content and read about the experience the people had when he came and I can't help but feel a little longing for home, a little home sick. It seems like no matter what, there's never enough of my Savior in my life, and I am so grateful I feel that.

This picture has been said to be the most correct Of Christ that we have on earth. I'm not sure if this is a Mormon legend or truth, however I know how I feel when I see it. He is my Savior.

After deep thoughts come Fun thoughts! My family also does this thing that is actually Mexican, Cascarones. If you know me at all you know I'm like 7/8 Th's Hispanic... true story. Therefore, we do cascarones. This is my mom and dad's first year (they've always been in Cali for cascarones, dad working as a CPA on the side you know when Tax season and end of year is and plan life around it.)
However, You can clearly see dad adjusted Quickly.

My Poor roommate enjoyed her un birthday on Easter. She is going through the temple, and had some what of a taxing experience when she bought her Garmy's. I think if you have ever made the decision to take a big step towards eternal progression you can Identify with the emotional roller coaster that happens. Tiss true. I am a deep believer in Sister Hinckleys thoughts when she said something like... " We must care for each other, so we can sit in Heaven together." (or something.)
My dear hermana, I deeply care for this girl. Knowing the struggle that comes with making really awesome life choices makes me want to wrap my big relief society arms around her and protect her from the heart ache. I had in my room my Motto in high school, "Every thing is difficult, before it gets easy" Is it not true? Life is so so so hard, then you figure it out, it's fine.
Then my Family. Having had surgery and really hating life in general for a couple weeks. These people are the ones I'm so grateful to have by my side. They have saved me. I don't give my family allot of Credit, some times I don't recognize that being an active family member is an elective not a requirement. I am astounded by what these people do for me. Again, my gratitude knows no bounds. I have a song that I would like to quote, it's by Ziggy Marley (represent!) But truly expresses how I feel.

wanna thank you for the things you've done
I wanna thank you for your generosity
and I'll never be alone,
that's because you are my friend
that's because you are my friend.
Been through thick and thin together
through the ups and downs,
yet we still remain and
I can talk to you forever
I wanna thank you for the day and nights
I wanna thank you for the breath of life with out you I'd be lost
Just as long, just as long as you're my friend
that's because you are my friend, you are my friend

Some times I forget that my family is making a choice to serve me, and it is not a REQUIREMENT for them to do so. It's not their fault I have chosen not to be married yet thus putting allot of burden on their shoulders that would other wise be a spouses, I'm grateful for their patience and love for me. They tend to help pick up pieces, after failed engagements, Work re assignments which means moving with days notice, Medical CRAp, and any thing else you can imagine. These people are golden.

More Cascarones!
Seriously Fun!

My Easter basket. Mal and I decided we wanted baskets. I think it was mutual that we just love shopping for each other, and so fun to give!

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