Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Doesn't happen very often, so are you ready? I'm bored at work. Can you believe it?

One more day of the week, one more...

Lets start with graditude.

#1 My fun/ cute new under shirts with lace on the bottom. I love love them.

#2 My date night with Zach!!! I got to buy the books I've been wanting to read. They are laced with all kinds of war stories, and tragitys, BUT always triumph.

#3 Flat shoes. Comfy! Perfect for work.

#4 Toe nail polish. Fun! I didn't wear it for a couple weeks... took a "break" and when I put it back on I realized how much I love it.

#5 Mal's trash. She was going to throw out like 2 bags of clothes. Turns out some of them totally work as work clothes ( I truly don't care what I look like at work but they are cute)


Anonymous said...

When you said "wed" I was thinking in a different context ;) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I probably should watch my word choice.