Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teri's Computer

So I'm on my sisters computer and thought to my self... I'll down load pictures that she has... Why not right?
This is my nephew Josh and his BFF Brooks. Brooks is the brother of one of my EFy girls that I tried to hook Josh up with 2 yrs ago... then turns out Brooks and his sister moved into the same neighbor hood as JOSh... HOLY COW. Small world (at the time she was living in Texas and I thought there was no way they would actually ever meet) BUT now they are forever connected by Brooks (and I'm so excited about it!!!)
Brooks is off to the Mish in Honduras. (which is sad, but Awesome!)

Everyone knows when you have teenage nieces and nephews you inherit like all of their Friends as your nieces and nephews too... I don't know this girls name with Randy, but it's her Friend... lol. This is Sky doing something weird at Joshy poo's graduation.

Josh is feeling like a grown up these days... Not looking half bad... (hottie). His mission papers will be done this week... Holy holy where does the time go. When you go to hold them after they are born you really don't think of this time... and how exciting and so incredibly sad it is...

This is my one proof I was actually at Josh's graduation. that would be the back of my head :)

This is Joshy Poo's graduation class... Go ahead try and count the minorities... Oh wait there are none...

MY sister Ceri Ann, Josh's grandma Jackson (who is like my grandma too she's so awesome) in the back ground is Josh's Aunt June and Grandpa Jackson. (Love them.)
Andrew is a 12 yr old boy... and this is usually the face you see on him. But he is a doll that we have alot of fun with. (Long live orange soda)

Josh now works at a donut shop (Free donuts!!! DANG I'M ON A DIET) and this is some random something they have at the shop...

SKY!!! at Josh's graduation. She is so beautiful. I wish I could pull her out of being a teenager and let her see who she really is... She is an amazingly awesome girl who literally has the world at her feet.

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Holly said...

that can not be the same sky i saw as a little girl!!