Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alot of Stuff going on... like always.

Whats that song by garth... "the only thing study is everything changes..." correct me if i'm wrong...

It's like forever since the last posts... and Life has changed a bit. Lets make a list:

1) I've had a love affair.
2) I've been wiped out by strep (a whole week of work out the window, hooray sick leave!!)
3) I've been unofficially laid off my job (kinda).
4) I've interviewed for jobs all over the state of Utah and gotten another JOB in OGDEN... (comes with the highest pay raise... HOLLAR)
5) I've traveled to California 2 weekends out of the last 3 for the love affair that ended up being bogus (but well needed at the time).
6) met up with my BFF from high school and cried with her (it's been over 10 yrs since we've "really" talked)
7) attended womens conference at BYU and got with in 2 ft of Elders Nelson, and Perry (AWESOME, AWESOME)
8) held a retirement party for my mentor Lamar and cried about how much i was going to miss her... only to find the traitor invited her son (see prior blogs) and it was bad. (hence the love affair)
9) I've started on my soft ball team and loved it.

So thats life. It's crazy, but as Sherri Dew put it... "you must like it cause thats how you live" - at least i can admit i live off stress...
A few stress reliefs have been**I will be able to make it to the second half of the family reunion... shout out...** I'm flying directly into San Luis on Wed night and need a ride into Lake Lopez (any volunteers?)

For the most part alot of stress from the Job situation has been alleviated, and life is going to be ok. It's scary getting an email that states you could not have a job in 2 weeks... and it's nice to know I'm going where i belong...

Clear as mud...

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Holly said...

wow. okay. are we going to talk today? i saw you called while i was gone this weekend.